Xiaomi: More than ten new 5G Smartphones from entry-level to High-End 2020 planned

Xiaomi was one of the first Smartphone manufacturer to start the beginning of the year with the Mi Mix 3 5G in the 5G market. In the coming year, many other Smartphone for the new mobile radio standard to follow, including some inexpensive models.

Xiaomi: Mehr als zehn neue 5G-Smartphones von Einsteiger bis High-End für 2020 geplant

(c) Xiaomi

Yesterday at the World Internet Conference in China, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced, according to a Reuters report that the company is currently preparing more than ten 5G-enabled Smartphones for a publication in the coming year. This will cover all price segments from entry-level to Premium-flag ships.

According to Xiaomi its early 5G were models such as the Mi 9 Per 5G so successful that they have exceeded your expectations. Therefore, we have decided to focus in the next year significantly more on the 5G-enabled Smartphones. The companies therefore hope that this Trend will continue and the new range of 5G devices will also continue to contribute to the sales growth.

Without a doubt, the competitors Samsung and Huawei will expand in the coming year, your Portfolio with 5G devices as they will also continue to fight for market share. Apple holds back, however, still distinguished, and to imagine, as we Heard in September of next year, its first 5G iPhones. Also, Nokia and Sony to develop according to Reports, currently in its first 5G devices, and even HTC is apparently prepping for a 5G-Smartphone for the beginning of 2020.

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