Software: How much battery the Dark Mode really saves?

Dark Mode is a Feature which has not only kept in Android 10, but also in iOS 13 to enter. Not only the eyes, but also the battery should be conserved. Whether this really works, now shows a battery test in the Video.

Software: Wie viel Akku spart der Dark Mode wirklich?

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If you set up your iPhone 11, you will then be asked directly to choose between the classic light Design, and the Dark Mode (“Dark Design”). This shows how important Apple considers the new feature in iOS 13. The reasons why people choose the dark Design, are many and varied. You may find the mode, simply pretty, or you want to treat your eyes just a little bit of relaxation. For many, a particularly long life of the batteries is critical, and this is expected to improve through the Dark fashion significantly, especially in the case of OLED-screens. Unlike LCDs, each Pixel of a OLED switch off completely, if you must go black. As a result, this Displays a much higher contrast than LCDs.

iPhone XS Max is tested in the Video

But how much battery it saves, the dark Design, really? In a Video PhoneBuff tested two iPhone XS, Max, with iOS 13. On a device, the Dark Mode has been activated, the other remained in a classic Design. With a robot were carried out on both devices the same movements and the same Apps used. Was tested in the Messages App, Navigation, Google Maps, Twitter, and Youtube. And in fact, the iPhone XS Max turned itself off in a classic Design first. In the Dark fashion of just under 30 percent of battery charge goods at the same time still left, the difference is quite clear.

Of course, the results of the Tests are not transmitted necessarily one-to-one to day-to-day use. Both screens have been calibrated to a brightness of 200 Nits, which is already quite bright. In addition, only Apps were used to support the Dark Mode, not all programs have a dark Design, and thus saves there is also no battery. Nevertheless, the difference of 30 percent is not negligible and should also do in normal use is quite a difference. We would also go out in the Dark fashion of Android from a similar Savings. This can be enabled in Android 10, the Update to the latest Version is slowly deployed to more and more devices.

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