Samsung: by 2020, to be sold six million Foldables

According to Reports, Samsung, your Foldable plant-business neat boost. By 2020, it should be sold up to six million devices. The company now checks whether your production is large enough.

Samsung: 2020 sollen sechs Millionen Foldables verkauft werden

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Despite the initial shortcomings and a rather mixed past, the Samsung Galaxy seems to Fold very well arrive. Accordingly, Samsung has set for 2020, a quite ambitious goal. In the next year, the group wants to sell 6 million Foldables, which even exceeds the previously optimistic forecasts for the corresponding market. For comparison: The Galaxy Fold will only be in a very small mintage of 500,000 pieces has been produced. A flagship device like the Galaxy Note sold over 10 million Times. Whether the new target can be achieved, is currently being tested by Samsung. Especially the production of so many flexible Displays could make the company a challenge.

The future of Foldables

Crucial for the success of the Foldables from Samsung, especially the next Fold models. The Galaxy Fold 2 it will not be probably to have a device that unfolds to a tablet size, but the Design of old flip-phones is created. The Smartphone would be folded so that much more compact and pocket-friendly, especially in comparison to modern devices with a diagonal screen size that often exceeds six inches.

 Motorola Razr (2019) | (c) Slashleaks

Motorola Razr (2019) | (c) slash leaks

Whether the market for Foldables will be in the next year large enough, may be doubted. So far, the very high price of these devices is particularly still a deterrent. With the Galaxy Fold and Mate is X, there will be two devices, which are beyond the 2000 Euro mark, even the planned Motorola Razr should be in spite of Budget Hardware is still at 1500 Euro. So far, this is pure speculation, a Launch Event of this device is probably the 13. November take place. A first invitation pointed out that was sent to American media.

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