Mobile Games: Fans frustrated about more Grinding in Fortnite: Chapter 2

After the Start of the second Chapter of Fortnite, there is frustration in the Community: There is still more time, effort or money is needed for all stages of the Battle Pass unlock – and Epic Games advertises “More fun, less Grind”.

Mobile Games: Fans frustriert über mehr Grinding in Fortnite: Kapitel 2

(c) Epic Games

Since a few days the second Chapter runs in Fortnite Battle Royale – so a major Update, which provides, among other things, a new card will be called. The revised progression system provides for review in the Community. Specifically, it is about the fact that players still need more time to reach the paid-for Battle Pass the maximum of level 100.

This brings no in-game benefits, but will badges and cosmetic Extras. Many players have the ambition to create – and be it only because they have achieved the same goal in previous battle passes, and now your profile is flawless want to keep.

Epic Games enlists for Fortnite: Chapter 2 even with the slogan “More fun, less Grind”. The Studio says that players can now get experience points for actions that have not brought, for example, for the Search of chests and completing challenges.

1.100 Matches for Level 100

Already a few days ago Fans have in a Thread on Reddit, however, calculated that a typical player must be composed of almost 1.100 Matches to reach Level 100 – a lot more than before. He would have to spend daily for five to six hours intensive with Fortnite or all or at least some Level to buy, what is possible, and since the first Chapter is relatively common.

 Fortnite - Kapitel 2 - Battle Pass Teaser | (c) Epic Games

Fortnite – Chapter 2 – Battle of the Pass Teaser | (c) Epic Games

In the meantime, Epic Games has responded at least a little on the criticism, by last weekend, in the short term, Power Leveling was possible, there were successful actions, therefore, more experience points, but you could make up for that in which only four Level.

Fortnite has been in the criticism, because it tries all sorts of Tricks to tie the player itself. At the beginning of October in 2019, it was reported that a 10-Year old and a 15-Year-old in Canada, seeking approval of a class-action lawsuit against Epic Games.

The charge of their lawyers: The U.S. development Studio Epic Games have programmed Fortnite Battle Royale for a reason, “that it was the most addictive game”. Epic have worked with psychologists and in tests with volunteers, in an attempt to avoid any “loss of Attention”.

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