Huawei: negotiations on 5G-licensing to USA run

The offerings of the Huawei-heads, which license the 5G technology in the United States, it is assumed. The first interviews are underway, but the outcome is still open.

Huawei: Verhandlungen über 5G-Lizenzierung an USA laufen

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Huawei is engaged in preliminary discussions with a U.S. telecommunications company over the licensing of the 5G network technology. The Vincent Pang, Senior Vice President Western Europe and chief of the company, told the Reuters news Agency. Some companies have expressed interest in a long-term agreement or a one-time Transfer. Name he called.

“There are some companies that talk to us, but it would still be a long journey to finish,” said Pang during a visit to Washington. “You have shown an interest,” he added. The talks are still in a very early stage.

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei had offered to provide U.S. companies with the 5G technology. Ren said, US companies could modify “our 5G technologies to ensure your safety and security requirements”. You could even “change the Software Code”.

United States without a national 5G-mobile communications equipment

With a on 15. May 2019 under a decree had declared US President Donald Trump the national emergency telecommunications. The U.S. Commerce Department said, under all of the transactions that “pose a risk to the United States,” and put Huawei on the so-called Entity list of the companies concerned. The US has no national 5G-mobile communications equipment. Lucent Technologies merged in 2006 with the French Alcatel. The community company was later bought by Nokia. The mobile network business of Motorola Solutions in the year 2010, Nokia Siemens Networks. Cisco and Adtran try in the 5G range is a range build, but have no End-to-End technology.

The Trump-government has also initiated a lawsuit against Huawei, the it Bank fraud, violations of US sanctions against Iran and the theft of business accused of secrecy, which denies Huawei. The USA could not provide any evidence for backdoors in products from Huawei or a cooperation with the Chinese secret service.

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