Google: Audio-orientation introduced help for Google Maps

For the Blind or people with impaired vision, it may be difficult to move in unknown areas. Google launches its maps App Maps a detailed audio mode, the announce routes and potential hazards such as intersections.

Google: Audio-Orientierungshilfe für Google Maps vorgestellt

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Google has unveiled a new feature for its mapping service Maps for Android and iOS devices: Special language instructions, it is intended to allow blind people to move safely from one place to the next, even if you know the route.

The function was developed in close cooperation with the Blind, as one of the people involved – write yourself blind in the Google Blog. The audio guides will be more detailed than in the past: Google Maps allows the user, for example, proactively know whether he is on the correct Route, in which direction is he running, and how far it is to the next Turn.

The user moves, for example, on a cross, it is explicitly noted. The planned Route is left, the phone sounds a note that he will be redirected.

Audio support is also suitable for sighted users

According to Google, the new language of leadership is not only suitable for the Blind and visually Impaired, but also for other users. For example, if you walk on the road and not constantly on his smart phone to look, is likely to find the detailed information about the way also practical.

The new feature will be distributed immediately worldwide and can be in the navigation settings of the Maps App activate. First of all, the voice function is available only in English and Japanese available, Google wants you to publish it soon in other languages – whether English including is, is not yet known.

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