Samsung: hundreds of Android-Apps such as Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, & co. are already optimized for the Galaxy Fold

In close collaboration with Google has managed Samsung already hundreds of Android to optimize Apps for the Galaxy Fold. Including very familiar names like Facebook, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and Spotify are.

Samsung: Hunderte Android-Apps wie Facebook, Amazon Prime Video & Co. sind bereits für das Galaxy Fold optimiert

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold to an innovative Smartphone, is probably undisputed. However, this Innovation also has a downside, because most of the Apps are designed for the Display of an ordinary mobile phones. The additional space and the foldout function provides App developers some new challenges. There’s a Smartphone without Apps is rather less useful, works Samsung with Google and other developers, as many of the programs for the Galaxy to make the Fold fit. Presumably, the suspended Launch Samsung was in the hands, so the company had to offer a little more time, a round of software experience.

Close cooperation with Google

To achieve this goal, were built by Samsung and Google on the whole world of test labs. There they worked with partners and developers in order to test whether the Apps are optimized for the Infinity Flex the Display of the Galaxy Fold. Google work during the to Android 10, the latest Version of Android, and built-in support for Foldables in the operating system level. “Together with partners such as Samsung, we have the opportunity to offer a completely new user experience, which could transform the way we use our Smartphone.” Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management for Google’s Android said.

 Das Galaxy Fold im Hands-On auf der IFA 2019 | (c) areamobile

The Galaxy Fold in the Hands-On at IFA 2019 | (c) area mobile

If the Galaxy Fold for the market launch on 18. September gains, are optimized for hundreds of Android Apps for use on the foldable Display of the device. Among other things, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook, Microsoft Office and Spotify are designed to provide an immersive experience. On the Galaxy Fold, it will be possible to multitask with multiple Apps and seamlessly switch between the smaller External Display and the main screen.

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