WhatsApp: More security fingerprint query

He who gives his Smartphone just out of Hand, not to be afraid of, now that the private WhatsApp be listened to conversations. The Fingerprint Lock is the latest WhatsApp Beta provides.

WhatsApp: Mehr Sicherheit durch Fingerabdruck-Abfrage

(c) wabetainfo.com/Montage: area mobile

New Features of the messaging App WhatsApp must be tested in advance first of all in the Beta. Who is participating in the Beta part, now the long-awaited Dark Mode, but a new security feature. Fingerprint Lock is it, and ensures that you unlock when you Start WhatsApp, the program only through your fingerprint. Thus, your mobile phone can leave safely unlocked lie, without fear that inquisitive Finger to scroll through your messages.

The Feature is currently in Beta

 Nur mit Fingerabdruck zu lesen: Benachrichtigung mit Fingerprint Lock | (c) WABetaInfo

WhatsApp with fingerprint lock | (c) WABetaInfo

Was found the Feature of WABetaInfo, which also explains how to activate it. If your Smartphone to the WhatsApp Beta to take part, then you can find the feature under settings/Account/security. Fingerprint Lock is active, you can select how often your fingerprint to use it to start the App. Either restart now requires confirmation by means of a fingerprint, or the App stays up to 30 minutes to unlock it. Also, is it possible to hide incoming notifications. Calls can, however, will always be accepted, even without the fingerprint.

Who has to worry about to scan his fingerprint in Whatsapp, the rest assured. The entire identification process is managed by the Android operating system, the fingerprint remains on the device, to the Server of WhatsApp is no information to be sent.

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