Samsung: UFS 3.0 memory of the Galaxy Note 10 is faster than all the other Android flagships

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and Note 10+ are the first phones of the company, the use of the F2FS file system, for faster Transfers. The UFS 3.0 storage the Note 10 can even the of the OnePlus one 7 Pro is currently the fastest in all Android-flagship-Smartphones.

Samsung: Der UFS 3.0-Speicher des Galaxy Note 10 ist schneller als bei allen anderen Android-Flaggschiffen


The new Samsung models Galaxy Note 10, and Note 10+ are the first Smartphones of the company, which are equipped with a UFS 3.0 memory, which allows in comparison to UFS 2.1 a significantly faster Transfer. First Benchmark results show that the UFS 3.0 solution on the Galaxy Note 10 is only significantly faster than the Galaxy-S10 series, but also faster than the OnePlus 7 Pro.

New file system for more speed

Although both the Galaxy Note 10 as well as OnePlus 7 Pro is the same UFS 3.0-use storage solution, is the Galaxy Note 10 by the use of a new file system faster. How SamMobile reported, the Galaxy Note 10 and score of 10+ the F2FS file system instead of EXT4, as most of the Android phones.

The memory Benchmark results for the Galaxy Note 10, OnePlus 7 Pro, and Galaxy Fold of Leaker Ice Universe show that Samsung’s flagship has a clear advantage over its competitors, if it speeds comes to random Write, and SQLite. Sequential Read and write speeds are also faster, although the difference is not quite so large.

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