Satirical eBay Video goes viral: When Prime Day, there are only Deals for “stuff nobody really wants”

eBay shoots in a new advertising spot neatly against competitors Amazon. Already in the run-up to the “Crash Sale” has been announced, the platform, scoffs at the Deals in the Prime Day – the satirical Spot goes viral.

Satirisches eBay-Video geht viral: Beim Prime Day gibt es nur Deals für

(c) Ebay/area mobile

At the same time the Prime Day also eBay would like to make it neat promotions on your page. To do this, they announced the “Crash Sale”. These are particularly good deals, which are unlocked, if – like last year – the home page of Amazon under the visitor load collapses.

eBay says Amazon the fight

In the new commercial, eBay and even a few stronger words for the Prime Day, this year on may 15.-16. July to take place. A father and his talk – little subtle daughter Alexa named. This means the Prime Day as a holiday to make people the offers of hot thought.

 eBay Crash-Sale | (c) eBay

eBay Crash-Sale | (c) eBay

These offers are then described also prompt sarcastic: “you want to have Deals on random stuff that no one really. Probably you are just trying to make space in the warehouses.” A swipe at the security vulnerabilities of Alexa couldn’t resist eBay at the end also. On the question of the father, and how she knew everything, responds the young girl at the end of the commercials with the words “I hear.”
The controversial Spot is a Declaration of war, the worry for sure for the Attention and a lot of amusement among the customers, but Amazon is also likely to be relatively cold. With more than 100 million products sold, the Prime Day of 2018, the most successful sales day in the history of Amazon was. This year a further increase is expected.

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