Amazon’s New Echo speaker is to make HomePod and Sonos competition

The Echo devices from Amazon are inexpensive, but do not offer the best sound quality among the Smart-speakers. Now Amazon wants to create a Premium-Echo remedy.

Amazon: Neuer Echo-Lautsprecher soll HomePod und Sonos Konkurrenz machen

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According to reports, Amazon is working on a new speaker to their Lineup of Echo devices. This is, according to Bloomberg, a premium device with a minimum of four internal tweeters. The Release should take place in the next year, in addition to the current echoes will experience a minor Update in the fall.

Homepod and Sonos offer better Sound

While Apple set with the Homepod, and Sonos, especially with a very good Sound, was Amazon’s focus on the connection to Alexa. Even the Echo Plus as a previous premium was not able to keep up the device in the sound quality with the competition. However, because many customers have a device from Amazon in the house, grows Amazon Prime Music is currently stronger than Apple Music.


In addition to a Premium speaker that Amazon is also working on a Alexa-robot. This should follow you through the house and Alexa support. The robot is about waist high, and equipped with video cameras, through which he can safely through rooms to navigate. So far, this device seems to be stuck but is still in its infancy, and an early Release seems to be excluded.

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