Samsung: SmartThings will now connect also German households intelligent

In a Smart Home all the devices should be linked to each other, so you can control them from a Central location. The smart thing products from Samsung, is now coming to Germany.

Samsung: SmartThings sollen nun auch deutsche Haushalte intelligent vernetzen

(c) Samsung

With SmartThings, Samsung offers a whole range of connected devices for the Smart Home. Including a camera, smart light bulbs and sockets with WiFi. Previously, these devices were sold only in the United States. In September, the product Line-up will now also here in Germany at the Start.

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The Samsung with SmartThings allow you to link devices from different manufacturers in the Smart Home to each other and to the control of a single switching center. The heart of the Samsung deal, the SmartThings Hub V3 is equipped with the protocols, ZigBee 3.0, Z-Wave and Bluetooth 5.0. So many different devices can be communicate with the Hub, and from it controlled. This is done via the SmartThings App on your Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV or Family Hub. The same Features of the SmartThings Hub, WiFi, of the acts but at the same time as a Wi-Fi Router and Mesh functionality for a stable coverage can provide.

Voice control by Alexa, Bixby and Google Assistant

 SmartThings startet im September 2019 auch in Deutschland | (c) Samsung

SmartThings starts in September 2019 in Germany | (c) Samsung

Also available a selection of Sensors that can be integrated into the Smart Home. The motion sensor could be used, for example as a Burglar alarm. This can be activated when Leaving the house by voice control, and at the same time your smart lights turn off. Supported Samsung Bixby, Amazon, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Starting in September, the SmartThings devices are to then stand with us in the trade. The price of the products are between 29,99 Euro (for a Sensor) and 139.99 euros (for the SmartThings WiFi Hub).

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