Samsung: Galaxy Fold prototype in India on the open road, photographed

After Samsung had postponed the Launch of their first Foldables on an unknown period of time, should be the revised Version of the Galaxy Fold now in production. A possible prototype of the folding smartphone has now been spotted in New Delhi.

Samsung: Galaxy Fold Prototyp in Indien auf offener Straße fotografiert

(c) area mobile

That is, the first Release of the Samsung Galaxy hastily Fold and unfinished it was, had to admit, Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh. This said to the debacle: “It was embarrassing. I have it (The Galaxy Fold, Anm. d. Red.) by pressing before it was finished.” He mentioned, however, that for an improved Version, more than 2000 devices on the heart and kidneys tested. One of these devices might now be in the subway from New Delhi spotted been. A corresponding picture to the colleagues of Sammobile added.

 Ein möglicher Prototyp des Samsung Galaxy Fold wurde in Neu-Delhi gesichtet | (c) Sammobile

A possible prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was Sammobile spotted in New Delhi | (c)

Galaxy Fold will still have to wait

Unfortunately, the image quality of the photos is too poor to be able to draw conclusions about the changes to the Galaxy Fold pull. Especially the screen and the folding mechanism had been a problem. The Emergence in India, but it could indicate that the Galaxy Fold in many markets at the same time at the Start.

Information on the Launch are few and far between, extremely sparse. Samsung even wants to call an official date when all the Tests have been successfully completed. This may be in doubt for months. According to previous information, the device is intended to be for the holiday season in the trade.

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