Rumor: Apple iPhones to come in 2020, with a smaller Notch

If it Insider goes to Apple, no one knows the supply chain of the company better than the TF Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose latest information contain some very interesting facts. Therefore, iPhones by 2020, it should get a smaller Notch.

Gerücht: Apple iPhones sollen 2020 mit kleinerer Notch kommen

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The birth of the Notch in the case of iPhones, fell to the end of 2017 as the iPhone X appeared. This design trend at the time, copied many other mobile phone manufacturers. This year, we see many true Edge-to-Edge Designs that are not only completely without the Notch, but almost borderless, therefore. Of course, this raises questions of why Apple should be at the Notch to hold. For the Californian manufacturer, the small notch on the top edge of the screen more than a design element, because it houses the true depth camera system. This complex module creates a 3D map using depth information of your face and provides a highly secure way to unlock the phone to pay for Goods and fast services register – a cornerstone of the Apple experience. However, the entire Face of the ID module is quite large, so that the Hide is a very difficult task. Now Apple has found one way to reduce the size of it 2020.

Notch: First small, then all the way

 iPhone XS

iPhone XS

Perspective is, of course, also in the case of Apple, the goal is to completely omit the Notch. However, the entire Face ID module has to go under the screen, is not supposed to be there for the user as visible as possible, but function reliably. The current report of the analysts also found that Apple is using in these new iPhones then no 6-piece lens for its main camera on the back, but to upgrade a 7-part lens. Interestingly, a different Institute predicts that Credit Suisse, that Apple could bring in the coming year, a iPhone without the Notch. The Institute had received information according to which the screen suppliers for Apple are working on Edge-to-Edge Screens without cut-outs.
Furthermore, Credit Suisse claims that Apple will soon use optical fingerprint reader similar to those used in the OnePlus 7 Pro and Huawei P30 Per. This Information should however be treated with caution, because Apple is likely to consider two Times whether you are using two bio-systems, whose functions would double the already high price of the iPhones even further increase.

In a third report, from the beginning of July, it is speculated that Apple plans to bring iPhone in China on the market. In the case of this device is to be used instead of Face ID, only an In-Display fingerprint sensor. This reduces the cost and thus the price of this iPhone, and to persuade the price-sensitive Chinese customers easier to purchase.

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