Google: Messages Beta crashes on startup immediately

Earlier this week, Google launched a public Beta for their Messages App. An error prevented, however, is that the App is on most of the devices in the first place to start.

Google: Messages Beta stürzt beim Start sofort ab

(c) Google

With Messages Google itself would like to take the RCS Standard, in the Hand, was intended as a replacement for SMS. This would actually be the task of the network operator, the work went ahead but hauling that Google itself wants to use the technology on a nationwide basis. The Messages will be revised in-App and is now in the Beta.

App crashes immediately

 Im Google Playstore Google können Sie sich für die Beta der Messages-App anmelden. | (c) Areamobile

In the Google Playstore Google you can sign up for the Beta of the Messages App.

The App replaces the default SMS App on your device and has a similar range of functions. Who wants to take a look in the future development, you can register directly on the Google Play Store for open Beta. Scroll down on the product page down to the section: “beta program”. However, you need to start according to the current state with an unstable App the – be now in doubt at all. This is a Problem many users of the latest 4.7 beta version to see, in fact, confronted. The only way to use the App as normal to: an older Version as an APK to download and install. Therefore, our current advice for those interested it should be quite comprehensible: do not Install this Beta (yet), but keep the things in mind and try it out better later, if the current problems are fixed.

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