Google: Android 10 Q Beta 5 due to problems with the installations for the time being stopped // Update: Beta available

Again yesterday was an update to the open Beta of Android 10 Q. Some users have problems arose during the Installation, want to fix Google now before you make the Beta available again.

Google: Android 10 Q Beta 5 wegen Problemen mit Installationen vorerst gestoppt // Update: Beta wieder verfügbar

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UPDATE 12.07.19: Apparently, the error will be fixed. Google has now announced that the Beta available is.

A OS Beta is to find problems in the Software under real-world conditions. Therefore, you should make a Backup before you register a cell phone for Beta Android 10 Q. This wisdom proved itself Once again. Because after yesterday’s Update to the Beta 5, some users complained that their device is stopped, or reset to default had to be.

Beta until Further notice, paused

Due to these reports, Google announced on Reddit, it will pause the Updates to the Beta 5 first.
“We’re aware of an issue with Android Q Beta 5 related to installing updates. We’ve temporarily paused Beta 5 OTA updates to all Pixel devices as we investigate the issue.”
“We have a Problem with the Android Q Beta 5 in connection with the Installation of Updates is not known. We have suspended the Beta 5 OTA Updates for all the pixels devices temporarily while we investigate the issue.”

Already at the Launch of the Beta 4 for Android 10 Q something went wrong. Pixel 3-users reported installed Smartphones that were in the Installation. In spite of these clear problems, it can be some users to flash their phones with the latest Beta 5. Even if the necessary files are accessible, of course, is not advisable until you are a little are a risk taker and value to the functioning of a Smartphone set.

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