iOS 13: third party developers-Apps may soon use NFC

Apple has simplified, as promised, the access to the NFC interface for iOS 13. An important first provider of an App, confirming that it works. In the future, the radio can chips in some ID documents readout.

iOS 13: Drittentwickler-Apps dürfen bald NFC nutzen

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RealID will soon use the NFC-interface of iOS devices. The manufacturer of a card-App was able to offer this Service, previously available only on Android. With the Opening of the interface by Apple, this is extended. So far, RealID needed an external RFID reader.

Via Apple test flight available

Tested the function can be restricted at the moment. The App is not yet available in the App Store, but is available via Apple’s testflight System. Expected to be in September 2019, the App should be usable, as the developer Innovalor indicates. At this time, the beta phase of iOS 13 to be completed.

Although quite a lot of iOS devices are already NFC-have Chips, not all the devices NFC how to use, as it needs ReadID. Devices older than the iPhone 7, will not work with the App. It will be interesting, whether in connection with the Opening of the interface, the Timing problems of some of the iPhone SKUs will be more noticeable. In Japan, in connection with the Felica Wireless interface is noticed already. There is not even an exchange program if Apple makes this official.

SDK available

ReadID is already in the process of distributing an SDK. The App is of relevance, because the company works with many banks in the EU. The use of the NFC-interface – off-the-emulations, such as Felica or EMC is likely to spread so well, especially since other interested parties exist. Pressure on Apple has apparently exercised the UK.

The interface should actually be easy to use, is likely to appear a large number of Apps. Anyone who wants to read various payment and public TRANSPORT cards, to learn about the account balance, previously needed an Android device. So what we have done in the past.

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