Google: relocation of Nest production in the shadow of the Huawei crisis from China to Taiwan

Google is bringing part of their production to Taiwan. The reason is the trade war between the US and China. Trump had set the tariffs for many imports from China to 25%.

Google: Verlagerung der Nest-Produktion im Schatten der Huawei-Krise von China nach Taiwan

(c) Google

In addition to a spell of cooperation with the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Huawei for all U.S. companies, had Trump raised the punitive tariffs for imports from China. Google now pulls your hardware production to China. As a reason for the high tariffs and the enemy to call Insider blessed attitude of the government in Beijing.

Google produced in Taiwan

Google is said to have laid a large part of its production of Motherboards after Taiwan. These play in the construction of the data center of the group around the world a Central role. Other great technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook is not pulling yet, because the punitive tariffs will apply, of course, been on a single motherboard, but not on a fully assembled server racks.

 TRump kann sich Geschäftsbeziehungen mit Huawei in Zukunft

Trumpt does not deviate from the course: punitive tariffs for Chinese imports increased to 25%. | (c) reuters

Be made first, for the US market, Nest devices in Taiwan and Malaysia. In the future, to be produced by Google’s Smart-Home Devices outside of China. Already in March the group announced that they want to build a new Campus in Taiwan by the size of the hardware and software teams can be doubled.

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