OnePlus 6(T): New Oxygen OS Update brings Google Duo

OnePlus has released new versions of its Android variant for the models 6 and 6T. In addition to security Updates, it integrates the video calling Software, Google Duo in the System.

OnePlus 6(T): Neues Oxygen-OS-Update bringt Google Duo

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For the OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS 9.0.4 is now available. The OnePlus 6T receives the Update on Oxygen OS 9.0.12. Both Updates will be distributed as an Over-the-Air Update and can be used directly via the system settings recorded. As is the case with such updates, the usual, this is done in batch mode. So, it can happen that the Update is not visible to all users immediately.

With the Update, OnePlus integrates the video calling Software, Duo Google deep into the System. So that video calls over Duo directly from the Dialer App to start. Furthermore, the Update delivers the Android security Patches in January, iron out common mistakes and to optimize the 6T also the Display.

The January security updates for Android how to fix such vulnerabilities in the file system used, but also a mistake by the malicious Apps on files access, you should normally get no access.

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The security gaps in the implementation of the PNG format, which malicious code can be einschleußen, to be fixed with the February Update for Android.

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