O2: eSIM-problems after Update for the iPhone and Apple Watch [Update]

After the Update to iOS 12.1.4 the customer to use with your iPhone or your Apple Watch, the built-in eSIM, nothing more is O2 -. Reason an incompatibility with a network operator is to Update the correct installation order is crucial. Update: Apple has provided an updated network operator version.

O2: eSIM-Probleme nach Update für iPhone und Apple Watch [Update]

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O2 users report since a few days about connection problems with your iPhone and your Apple Watch, if they use the built-in eSIM. All users who have installed Apple’s update to iOS 12.1.4, and then the network operator to Update, get a network connection with your devices.

As O2 has in-house Forum for the discussion of the Problem, in the meantime, as announced, is the cause in a conflict between the iOS Update and the carrier update that sets the eSIM lame. The error is known, and with Apple in the processing.

 O2-SIM | (c) O2

O2-SIM | (c) O2

The Bug occurs only with users, the first update to iOS and then the network operator Update. This will be played first and then the new iOS Version, there are no problems. Anyone who has not updated his iPhone as O2-eSIM-client yet, you should follow this order.

Affected O2 customers have two options

Who has updated his device already in the other order, must make a still with a Workaround. Users can either update to the beta version of iOS 12.2, which Apple already provides. Commonly, the public Betas from Apple are easily usable, O2 points to the possibility that it can lead to an unstable System.

Safer but also a bit more complicated it is to Downgrade to iOS 12.1.3. This need to make users by means of a PC and iTunes manually. After the older Version was played on the device, can be updated in the correct order.

Apple Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch in comparison

[Update, 11. February] Telefónica Germany, has informed us in response to the report a statement sent to you. This is:

“On Friday (8.2.2019) Apple has released an Update to the carrier settings (o2-de 35.2). With the update, the network operator settings of Telefónica Germany, however, the Version 35.0 reset. As a result, customers can perform the Apple Watch (Series 3 or Series 4) in Stand-alone mode, i.e. without connection to the iPhone, want to use, currently there is no calls on the Watch, and this transmits data or receives. The Bluetooth usage is not affected.

To the iPhones Dual-SIM this has no effect. When the eSIM on the iPhone, a warning message appears that the network operator is not supported.

Customers that have completed the Update already, we recommend that the solution from Apple to be seen.

The reasons for the resets of the network operator settings are still unclear. We are clarifying with Apple to solve this Problem as soon as possible.”

[Update, 12. February] O2 has now informed that:

“Apple has rolled out an updated network operator version of 35.3. With this, the functionalities of the Apple Watch. Also the iPhone no warning appears. Customers should check under ‘settings – General – Info’, under ‘network operator’ o2-de 35.3′ is in the list, or your device update.”

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