Apple Plan: Face ID replaced car keys

Apple wants to replace car keys with Smartphones with biometric functions. The car could recognize the driver, and according to personal preferences.

Apple-Plan: Face ID ersetzt Autoschlüssel

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Whether classic or electric car key – both of which can be misplaced or stolen. Apple would like to unlock the car with a Smartphone and the associated biometric security features like Touch ID or Face ID. According to a recently published Patent in the group. In it, Apple describes previous methods to unlock cars, as unsafe. Among other things, because the car does not know anyone who uses the correct key.

According to Apple, this Problem could be circumvented by the vehicle communicates with a Smartphone. Car and Smartphone, exchanged information, to open the door, what could also happen automatically. Also, the interior could be according to users ‘ personal preferences adjusted around the seat or the center console. Apple goes on in the Vision, however, is still a step, and So a vehicle could detect that the owner is approaching, and then automatically to the Person moving. About Time-of-Flight is to be detected, the distance in which the car owner is located and in what angle he approaches the car.

In order to increase the safety, describes the Apple in the use of biometric functions on the Smartphone. This could be fingerprint sensors or face recognition – how Apple will implement it in the Form of Touch ID and Face ID.

Apple developed this solution for Project Titan?

With mobile Pay, Apple wants to use the System, if it is detected that the car is at a gas station or the like. In the Patent is also described that users can decide how their personal data will be used and, where appropriate, the location determination can be switched off.

iPhone: Apple’s Smartphone in the course of time

The Patent was already applied for 2017. Again and again, there are rumors of a self-driving Apple car that runs internally under the project name “Titan”. The now published Patent could be quite in order.

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