Survey: How long does your Smartphone use?

Just an Analyst said that the iPhone-wait users longer, until you change to a new model. At the same time, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is coming up and so many new products. As long as your Smartphone is using?

Umfrage: Wie lange nutzt ihr euer Smartphone?

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According to a recent analysis of iPhone buyers waiting now four instead of three years, until you change to a current Apple model. The is longer than ever. While Apple’s new iPhones to be unveiled in September, will take place at the end of February the MWC in Barcelona.

Many manufacturers are showing new models. So LG presents the new flagship G8 ThinQ. Huawei shows expected to be a foldable Smartphone. It could be a news from Oppo. Even before the MWC, Samsung presented the new flagship of the Galaxy-S10-family. At the end of March, Huawei is expected to introduce the P30 and the P30 Pro at an Event in Paris officially. A lot of selection to current Smartphones.

But how do you keep it? You wait four years or do you buy each year, the latest model of your favorite smartphone? We want to know this week of you in our survey.

The result of the last week

Last week we asked you how high your monthly data usage, and whether your monthly booked data is sufficient volume. 71 per cent come with your monthly quota. A good 20 percent of you need to but posting every month for extra data. Only 8 percent do not have to Worry, because you have unlimited data volume.

30 percent of you consume between 2 GB and 5 GB in a month. Still almost 19 percent need up to 10 GB. More than 10 GB of consuming still almost 18 percent. A good 20 percent of the monthly consumption of between 1 and 2 GB. Only 12 per cent use less than 1 GB.

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