Chromebook Spin 13: Classy Notebook with Software-brake

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Chromebook Spin 13: Edles Notebook mit Software-Bremse

(c) Acer

With Chromebooks, many people think of cheap, creaking Laptops – the staple 13 from Acer is no different. We have used it for a month and at the end asked if the estimated price for a Notebook with Chrome OS is really justified.

Outside of Germany, Chrome OS, Google’s Chrome is the Browser-based Notebook and Tablet operating system, quite successfully – for example, in US-American schools. In this country, not the System, really, what is that Chrome OS will tend to be underestimated.

A lot of Chromebooks, which are available in Germany, are of a quality to be assigned rather to the beginner’s class and, accordingly, tends to be rather weakly equipped, and very processed. Quality chromebook how Google Pixel Books were never officially available in Germany. Also, the new Pixel Slate, there is no buy in this country.

 Das Acer Chromebook Spin 13 | (c)

The Acer Chromebook Spin 13 | (c)

Acer Chromebook Spin 13 is now available in Germany and differs markedly from the sometimes cheap-crafted Chrome-OS-devices. It is made of metal, has a large, very good touch screen, reasonable keyboard, and comes with a current Core i5 processor. In the long-term test, we have looked at how it works now with Chrome OS and were using the laptop even at a trade show. It has been shown: if you want a good Office Notebook with Chrome OS in itself is nothing wrong, what is the Android – and Linux-compatibility. Because of this, however, has its limits, is the use of the spectrum of a Chrome-OS device is still limited – given the price a Problem.

Elegant device with beveled edges

The staple 13 is a fine device: The housing is made of metal and has slightly bevelled edges. The Display is 13.5 inches tall and has a resolution of 2.256 x 1.504 Pixel Acer to be used in the case of the Notebook, so a 3-to-2 Format. The screen has good colour reproduction and is bright enough to be sunlight-display still screen content readable. Disturbing, we find the strong Mirroring of the display.

The joint that connects the Display with the keyboard unit is pretty solid. This leads us to, that we have problems, the Notebook with one Hand to expand. The rich is of little help, since a lot of small recess at the front of the device. The screen we can rotate 360 degrees to the rear, hence the Name “Spin”. Then the device can be used as a large Tablet.

The Spin 13, an input pen is based on Wacom’s EMR technology. The pen is housed in the housing, is not likely to so easily get lost. The pen that we can use for hand-written text entries or drawings. The latency is greater than, for example, in the case of an Apple or a Pencil on an iPad, but still enough to have the pen write well.

Good supply with connections

Well, the number of connections on Spin 13 like us. Unlike some other Windows PC, or the current Macbooks, the Chromebook offers a variety of ports on the left and on the right is a USB-C connector are available that support USB 3.1 and Displayport. In addition, both ports can be used to Charge, the Chromebook supports Power Delivery with a 45 to 60 Watt. In addition, there is a USB-A port, with USB 3.1, and a Micro-SD slot.

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