Oppo is working on Iris scanners, and London-Launch

Oppo has an Iris Scanner patent that could be found in upcoming Smartphones as a safety feature. At the same time, the manufacturer is preparing for its European launch.

Oppo arbeitet an Iris-Scanner und London-Launch


The World Intellectual Property organization (WIPO) has published a new Patent from the Oppo, to a technique for an Iris Scanner. In the Patent there is talk of a Smartphone has an OLED Display, an Iris camera and an infrared camera. This can regulate the light intensity depending on the distance to the object.

Thanks to the infrared technology, the function would work here, even in the dark. Oppo could use as a safety feature in future Smartphones. Samsung has already installed Iris Scanner as an Alternative to Face Unlock, which can be used in many Smartphones are still using a photo trick.

Zeichnung aus dem Patent für einen Iris-Scanner | (c) WIPO

Drawing from the Patent for an Iris Scanner (c) WIPO

Klappt sich die Selfie-Kamera aus? | (c) WIPO

When the table is folded, the Selfie camera? | (c) WIPO

Another Patent also describes a Selfie camera that is lowered when needed. As a result, the Display can occupy more space, without a Notch is needed.

Oppo is coming to the UK

Furthermore, Oppo is now listed as a member of the “Wireless Power Consortium”. To be a member here, is a prerequisite to the Qi Standard for wireless Charging, to integrate them into devices. So far, Oppo Smartphones do not support this technique.

At the same time, the manufacturer is preparing for a Start in Europe. Via the dedicated Twitter Account “OPPOmobileUK” the manufacturer is a Launch Event on the 29. January in London announced. More Details are not yet known, whether the Oppo is limited to the UK or planning to be officially on the European mainland represented.

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