Samsung Galaxy 10: Lite not Lite

Apparently, the small variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will not carry the extra Lite, but Galaxy S10 E hot. Also the first Teaser image for Samsung’s new Smartphone appeared.

Samsung Galaxy 10: Lite soll nicht Lite heißen

(c) EE

So far as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite-traded model of the new Samsung Smartphones to be actually hot Galaxy S10 E. The British dealer “Mobile Fun writes” citing one of his long-standing Chinese suppliers. What the E stands for in the name or whether it has any meaning, is not known.

That the small variant of the new Galaxy Generation will not come with the epithet “Lite” on the market, it is not surprising, however, also as a competitor Huawei referred to his stripped-down Smartphone models. Just a few days ago, the Smartphone was showed up in the Geekbench database, and is therefore light-weight. The noted US version of the phone has the latest Snapdragon 855 as a drive, and 6 GB of RAM. For comparison: The normal Galaxy S9 has 4 GB of RAM.

Hüllen für die neuen Galaxy-Modelle | (c) Mobile Fun

Cases for the new Galaxy-models | (c) Mobile Fun

According to “Mobile Fun” Samsung Galaxy S10 E to a in Display built-in fingerprint sensor, and positioned these instead of the side of the housing, to be able to set the selling price low.

Smartphone gets “Infinity-O-Display”

So far, it is assumed that there will be in addition to this variant, with a 5.8-inch wide Display and the normal S10 with a 6.1-inch Display, as well as a larger device with a 6.4-inch Display. These two will have to sit the fingerprint sensor under the Display. Probably there will be also a model called “Beyond X”, the 5G and a 6,66-inch Display.

The British network provider EE has, meanwhile, released a harmless role-Teaser-image to the new Galaxy Generation (see title image). For more information about the device, there is not, however, but only to register the ability to receive information as soon as the Smartphone is available.

As almost certain that the Galaxy S10 comes with a “Infinity-O-Display”, where the front camera sits behind a hole in the Display. The Snapdragon processor is supposed to be found only in North America, Latin America, and Hong Kong in the Smartphone. In Europe and Asia, the in-house Exynos 9820 is to be used. Samsung introduces the device is expected to be in February just before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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