Samsung Galaxy A8 Unboxing: Galaxy S9 Lite, the there never was

The Galaxy A8 is probably the last Smartphone of its kind, slightly modified and with a slightly weaker technology equipped, it is nevertheless clear trains per day travelling from Samsung’s flagship class. That makes it especially for bargain hunters interesting.

Admittedly, the latest the Galaxy the A8 is no more. Already almost a year ago, Samsung had unveiled the Smartphone, after months of Struggle, the manufacturer took it in the summer, finally, in the German trade. Nevertheless, the device has lost nothing of its fascination. This is due to the fact that Samsung sorted its Galaxy A-series and either weaken (Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A7) or price bands, as they were until not so long ago in the flagship class in the usual way (Galaxy A9). On the other hand, that the Galaxy A8, as a pure-bred successor to the Galaxy A5 (2017) is still quite obvious trains of the top models and thus of particularly high quality appears.

Although Samsung had unveiled the Galaxy A8 before the Galaxy S9, in fact, the similarities to the current flagship Smartphone of the Koreans, however, are more pronounced than for the Galaxy S8. Like the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy A8 has a matte and the color of the glass back-painted metal frame, in addition, the bezel of the camera and the fingerprint sensor of the newer device. Also, because the Display is in contrast to all since 2017 released high-end Smartphones with Samsung’s flat and not curved, is not likely to be the Galaxy A8 last for the Fans of the Galaxy S7 is interesting that, as we know (for now?) last Top model without Edge Display.

Haptic the Galaxy A8 promises to be the device in each case a Premium, in processing no differences to the significantly more expensive S – and Note-classes. Also, the Smartphone has, as one of this year’s A-series-a IP68 water protection and to Galaxy A6 and A7 have a current USB-C connector. The headphone Jack, there continues to be, as well as on the longitudinal side positioned speakers. The Galaxy A8 has slide, two card, one at the head end for microSD and the first SIM on the left side for a second SIM.

Galaxy A8 brings to the Dual-front-facing camera

Nevertheless, the device is a little longer than the Galaxy S9 has a smaller screen, instead of 5.8 inches, it measures only 5.6 inches. Accordingly, the frame is at the top and bottom a little wider, but without being too thick to apply. On the first-class AMOLED Display, the Galaxy A8 has mastered a Dual-front-facing camera, the delivers in addition to a Standard lens, even one with minimal additional image angle, and Bokeh effects. An Iris-Scanner, there is not, the Smartphone is dominated nevertheless, the Unlock by face recognition.

In the delivery state, is installed on the Galaxy A8 Android 7.1 Nougat, an Update to Android 8 Oreo is available for Download. The Performance of the Exynos 7785 with eight processor cores and 4 GB of RAM makes a good first impression, the occasional Micro-lag when Opening the App Drawer and the Task-view, we push it on the Samsung Launcher.

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