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With its cheap Smartphones, Samsung also omitted the use of a sensor that measures the ambient light. However, newer devices can equalize the brightness of the screen accordingly – by taking regular Selfies.

Samsung: Selfies machen Galaxy-Smartphones schlau

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On a Smartphone without the light sensor on the screen is basically either too bright or too dark. Even if the Display-auto is also for more sophisticated devices, always particularly reliable, it is noticeable if it is missing – in a particularly bright or dark environments it is very useful. Samsung omitted since the beginning of its cheapest Galaxy models to a corresponding Sensor, but the manufacturer is now a way with the automatic brightness control can still be realized.

A Fanblog Sammobile the Wake of an enormous Screenshot shows that on the Galaxy J8 a previously missing Option for the “Auto-brightness” via a Software Update will be submitted. It is activated, will appear a hint window, in which the function is declared: each time you Wake up, the front camera takes a picture, on the basis of which the environment is considered to be light. The user adjusts the screen brightness in this time, then the Smartphone will remember this setting and the Display resembles that in similar ambient lighting conditions in accordance with the taught-in options. Samsung has assured that the recording will not be saved, but only for the light measurement.

Screenshot vom Galaxy J8 | (c) via Sammobile

Screenshot from the Galaxy J8 | (c) via Sammobile

It is still not known whether Samsung is this Feature also on other Galaxy Smartphones, which have no brightness sensor on Board. For more recent models like the Galaxy J6 but that would be quite conceivable.