“New Infinity”: Samsung shows Notch Displays

Round, angular, oval: Samsung is testing at the “Infinity Display”, the possibilities of the Notch, before the flexible Displays. The the by the manufacturer in the SDC18-Keynote shown Roadmap for new Display technologies.

(c) Samsung

Of AMOLED over the Edge to Infinity-Display: Samsung has pushed in the past years, the Display technology. On the developer conference SDC18 in San Francisco, the South Korean company is now an Outlook on future developments. The last evening presented “Infinity Flex Display” is only an intermediate step on the way to roll, and stretchable Displays.

What is interesting about the Samsung in the Keynote, shown in the Roadmap is also the stage in front of the “Infinity Flex Display”, the go in the coming months in a series of production and, presumably, 2019 on a Galaxy F smartphone called Smartphone model in the market should be introduced. This precursor contains new variants of the “Inifnity Display,” the Samsung 2017 introduced with the Galaxy S8 (Plus).

Neue Infinity-Displays mit Notch von Samsung | (c) Samsung

New Infinity Displays with a Notch of Samsung | (c) Samsung

It is space-filling Displays with small game species, the so-called Notch, the recess in the display box for the front camera and Sensors. “Infinity U” includes, for example, a semi-oval shaped Notch à la Essential Phone, “Infinity V”, a rectangular variant, and “- Infinity O” a as in Asus Zenfone 6 side of the seat at the end of round Notch.

The fourth variant shown is a “New Infinity” is called a Display, which apparently has no recess. Here the manufacturer could put on narrow margins. May also Samsung plays with the idea of a Smartphone with a sliding mechanism for the front camera to build similar to the Oppo Find X. But this can be also: Samsung does not provide these new “Infinity”display, even for its own Galaxy Smartphones but for the devices of other manufacturers.