Apple: New iPhones can recognize third-party batteries

Apple makes it workshops to take more difficult to repair the iPhone. The current models of iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR to recognize now, even if the battery of a third is installed on provider – and then show no battery condition.

Apple: Neue iPhones erkennen Akkus von Drittanbietern

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With its new Smartphones, Apple introduces a further hurdle for the company certified repair service provider. The magazine Heise has made it available on the support page of Apple, a new entry in the “critical battery” message will be explained. It occurs on the iPhone in appearance, as soon as the device detects the installation of a non-Apple-manufactured batteries. The message relates to, according to the information only to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, no older models.

In addition, the warning window that there is no information on the battery condition. Thus, the battery level indicator in the upper-right corner meant, but the indication of the performance of the battery. This feature introduced by Apple after it became known that iOS throttles the processor performance of the iPhone in dependence on the wear of the battery. Whether the Lack of this battery condition display through the use of a third-party means batteries now that the iPhone runs on the maximum power or throttled down, Apple’s information is not found.

That Apple wants no other than the original components used in its iPhones known. Also for Displays, and fingerprint sensors the company had installed in the past, mechanisms, components, third-party identify and then, in the worst case, your service. In the case of such a sensitive component such as the battery, which can develop in the case of a quality defect for the user to life-threatening danger, should such protection is quite reasonable.

Apple iPhone XR Unboxing: baby blue Smartphone with a wart on the back

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