Android: Google announces In-App Updates

Google wants to make Smartphone users more difficult to miss important App Updates. For updates can be installed from an application without visiting the Play store.

Android: Google kündigt In-App-Updates an

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Google offers App developers a new way for Updates in your Software. In the future, Smartphone users no longer need to update an application on the Play Store, the Updates are performed in the App itself. Google offers two methods. About urgent Updates, a screen will inform filling note window. Users then have the choice whether you download it directly and without detour, and or refuse to install. Flexible In-App Updates appear in the menu bar of an application and can then be accomplished by the user – also without going through the Play Store so that the App can be used during the upgrade.

By this step, Google makes it Update muffles, the call, by itself, rarely to the Play Store and automatic Updates disabled, will have to miss more and more difficult, critical security updates. However, these notes also carry the risk to be by the user first as unwanted advertising, or Spam. In addition, could make advertisers this new window to exploit and similar-looking pop-up Ads in the programs or in the worst case, even for malicious download links.

It is still not known when Google will ship the new interface for In-App Updates, currently, the API is tested with selected partners. The Feature is likely to find as an Update to the Play services and the supported Apps are the way to many Android Smartphones.

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