Google Duplex: assistant identified yourself

Google Duplex: Assistent identifiziert sich jetzt selbst

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At the Google I/O Google was a Duplex, the Sensation in itself: An artificial assistant that performs on the phone by language bookings and Opening times of queries and not to distinguish from a human. The latter, Google has now changed.

A Demo of Google’s Duplex on the stage at the Google developers fair I/O made a few weeks ago caused a stir. Duplex is an artificial voice assistant to take over voice telephony, everyday tasks for the user, such as seat reservations in Restaurants, make up, or opening Hours of a Museum ask for. The fascinating, but also frightening: Duplex sounds so natural and can adjust well to the unpredictable course of a conversation with a person that the conversation may not recognize that he speaks with a robot – at least in a Demo.

Exactly, criticized by many users, and Google promised to make Changes. Now the company has released a Video in which a revised Version of the Duplex is shown. The main difference: The wizard introduces himself to the participants in the conversation short and tells him that the call is being recorded. Then he continues the conversation in the already from the first Demo known manner, and generates, thanks to “typical human” stretching Sounds like “uh” and a loose way of speaking still under the impression it would be a human being. A statement of when Duplex available might be, is not there.

How long will it take until Google developed also for the other side, so the callee Restaurant, a Chatbot and robots talking with robots…?

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