Galaxy Note 9 Samsung shortened Release cycle

Galaxy Note 9: Samsung verkürzt Release-Zyklus

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It blow to blow for Samsung After the manufacturer has already brought forward the Release of the Galaxy S9 Smartphones, will now also appear on the Galaxy Note 9 earlier. Thus, Samsung is preparing seems to be on the product Lineup in the next year, including the first foldable Galaxy Smartphone.

Samsung brings out the Galaxy Note 9 supposed to be a time that is earlier than the Galaxy Note 8 over the past year. The Korean news magazine, “the Korea Herald reported, among other things,” and refers to the statements of suppliers. The Galaxy S9 Smartphones had preferred the manufacturer: the Galaxy S8 models in 2017 at the end of April on the market, are Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus already since the beginning of March available. According to various sources, the shortened Release cycle of the top models is a new strategy of the manufacturer, with the help of the Smartphones will be prepared.

“Korea Herald” picks up on the rumor that Samsung would introduce the Galaxy S10 in January to the Launch of the first foldable Galaxy Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in late February, a larger attention. For the Galaxy S10 with the code name “Beyond” were also planned major technical advances – including the Display of built-in fingerprint sensor, the real Revolution is to stand with the foldable “Winner” before. The production of this unit is expected to start in November, two to three months to take the production as a whole.

Galaxy S9 doesn’t sell well

In addition, the magazine gives additional reasons for an earlier Galaxy-Note-9-Start. Firstly, Samsung wanted to come with this step, the competitors to Apple previously, the presented expected back in September, the new iPhone models. For another, the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S9 will be damp-Smartphones. Only yesterday announced Samsung to have in its home market of Korea, a Million units sold – the previous two generations, took the million barrier faster.

An official Launch date for the Galaxy Note 9 it is not yet. In the previous year, Samsung had introduced the Galaxy Note 8 at the end of August and the middle of September and available for purchase. Because the manufacturer allegedly began in April with the mass production of 6.38 inch OLED Displays for the new model two months earlier than for the predecessor, is a launch of the Galaxy Note 9, in July or August, is conceivable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 Plus: caution, risk of confusion!

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