Waterfall charts – connect

  1. The Bass Traps
  2. Plate absorber
  3. Waterfall charts
  4. Edges of the absorber
  5. The Helmholtz-Resonators



Wasserfalldiagramm vorher

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This problem space is dominated in the low frequency range of two spatial modes: a at 40, the other at 80 Hertz. Both swing for a long time after and make the Bass so extremely spongy and fat. Between the two resonances of a noticeable extinction (arrow).


Wasserfalldiagramm nachher

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With mechanical, correctly calculated bass traps, one gets the strong resonances well into the handle. You lose levels and also sound much faster. At the same time, the cancellations between the resonances are underpinned recognizable “up”. The sound much better room.

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