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Telekom broadcasts selected games in the Bundesliga now, even in 3D. connect has looked at the thing.

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Liga total - Bundesliga in 3-D

© Telekom

Ligatotal – Bundesliga in 3-D

If a new Pig is driven through the village, you can accept the sometimes ludicrous – for example, at last year’s IFA on the subject of 3D: a stroll through the house, the hall device was but, in fact, Miele is the first dishwasher with 3D to marvel at the Cutlery box. Everything at the show was kind of 3D. Meanwhile, the Hype has cooled down a bit, the development continues.

To were during the beginning of the only movies to see in three dimensions, provided a short time later, the Telecom 3D content into their IPTV offering, Entertain. A few weeks ago, the pink giant was launched as a competitor to Sky with the 3D-live Transmission of selected matches of the football Bundesliga. connect has tried the Telecom product and tells you whether 3D holds the promise of its marketers.

Expensive Technology


VDSL-Anschluss und Set-Top-Box

© Telekom

For League total in 3-D it takes: VDSL port, and 3-D-television entertain-enabled VDSL Router as well as a Set-top box.

As of today, the three-dimensional Entertainment is an elite affair: how to have a VDSL connection from Telekom, the is not widely available. Cheap the fun isn’t over: For the connection, including telephone and data flat to a fall of around 45 euros a month cost, in addition to the entertainment package Liga total HD for an additional 20 euros per month.

An Entertain-enabled routers are unique in the 150 Euro or 2.96 euros per month. The Set-Top-Box fails with a monthly rent of 4.96 euros, or once with about 250 euros to beech.

In addition, you must be the owner of a 3D-glasses-enabled flat screen, with corresponding shutter, for which again a good 1000 Euro will be due. Existing customers can still use their existing entertainment Set-Top boxes, because they are already fit for 3D.

Elaborate Production

But also for the TV stations 3D means a significant additional expense, because for the inclusion of special cameras with two Lenses are required. As a technical service provider, the company Sportcast, which is both the Telecom as well as Sky active acts in the football coverage, the commentators on both channels, of course.

Without the glasses nothing is running

The Telecom transmits 3D games on a separate channel in the entertainment program package. Who wants to watch the spatial football, must, however, set up a mandatory shutter glasses and activate them.

After a few seconds, the glasses with the TV is synchronized to the device and ready for operation. General Problem of this current 3D technology: If you don’t have glasses on, the image is blurred and, therefore, unfit for human consumption – quick time into the living room to run and watch it with you is not possible. Also, the image looks plenty dark you mean, a storm cloud hanging over the stadium.

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