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The JBL Synchros S 500 is equipped with professional technique and has an active technology. How does the headphone in the Test?

JBL Synchros S 500


JBL Synchros S 500


  • ultra robust, the bass is strong and level, fixed
  • DSP signal processing



Artists like Bruce Springsteen or Eric Clapton rely on the technology of the American tradition of blacksmiths JBLwhen it comes to their Live performances. In addition to the tips-Sound absolute reliability matters here. For JBL stands for nearly seven decades. And who the Synchros S 500 touched, immediately feel those of solidity, which is a professional product. Generously sized strap with steel belt guide, wear-free joints, the ear cups made of low-resonance aluminum – these are confidence-inspiring ingredients.

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But that is only the mechanical side of the Top model in the new Synchros line. The ear cups, the visually suspected to be related to the ultimate JBL GTI Automotive subwoofers, harboring state of the art vibration systems with 50-mm diameter.

The real highlight of the S 500, but is the “live days” in keeping with active technology. A DSP intervenes to support in the play, fed by built-in Lithium battery. The give the S 500 a strong bass, full of Punch, ink and precision of a masterful soundstage. As Feeling comes to Live – not only on the stage.

Download: JLB Synchros S500

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