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There’s a song that you want to know how it is running? With the free App Shazam your iPhone tells you how the song is called and who it is.


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  • Version: 5.0.3
  • Operating system: iOS
  • Download Link: Shazam

Shazam is one of the Apps that belong on every iPhone. A Song you would like to be running, start the App and press on the black button in the middle. Then Shazam will listen to only once. It takes a few seconds, depending on how well known a piece is, and how loud other sounds in the environment. The song to recognize, attack Shazam via the Internet to an Online database. No Internet connection is available, there can be this adjustment even later.

Automatic detection of songs

Has Shazam a song is recognized, then it shows the title and also the artist, or the Band. There is the piece in the iTunes Store, then you can take it out of the App to buy. Conveniently, the programmers have also integrated the preview function of iTunes in the App, which means you can already hear a few seconds into the song.

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App: Shazam

By tapping the black-and-white button to start the detection function.

Additional info about Songs

In addition, Shazam makes use of information regarding the detected pieces of useful. So you can search for example on YouTube for the accompanying music video. In addition, there is background info on the artists, tour dates and concert info. On top of that, the App also remembers the place where you are a song have heard.

About the “friends”feature, you can connect Shazam with Facebook. Then the App shares realized songs with your friends and shows you which pieces have tracked down your friends using Shazam.

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Price and availability

Shazam is a Free Download from Apple’s AppStore. The free Version detects on a monthly basis to a maximum of five songs and is financed by the display of advertising banners. Through In-App purchases (2,99 euros for a year, 4,99 Euro for an unlimited term), these restrictions. Moreover, it is unlocked so that the link to Spotify and Pandora.

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