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Battery is faulty – and now? We show how to proceed in the case of mobile phones and Smartphones with built-in power storage.

Akkuwechsel bei iPhone und Co.

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Battery change for iPhone and co.

Owners of mobile phones and Smartphones with removable battery have no problems to replace an ageing energy bars. For them, the question of what to get for a spare battery – an Original or a cheaper one from the third-party manufacturer.

We recommend to pay a bit more and to decide for the originals of the manufacturer. However, testers of the Stiftung Warentest, even when the batteries in their original packaging, counterfeiting is discovered. However, such individual cases, not always the cheapest offer.

Counselor: So you can reduce the power consumption of the iPhone

Mobile phones with a permanently fitted rechargeable battery

However, as more and more cell phone manufacturers build your current dispenser of the product (see box at left), is the replacement of the batteries. In case of doubt, the path should lead to the professional trader.

Battery replacement after the warranty period, a Free choice of workshop

The warranty of the mobile phones or Smartphones is already expired, you have free choice of who is to take the exchange. So in the Internet there are many repairmen who offer their services. As with the battery of purchase of the danger of getting caught in the Wrong is, of course, also here.

Important indicator for the proper performance of a certification of the respective Smartphone manufacturer. Most of these certifications are available on the website. As a provider of about or .

The latter offers a battery replacement on iPhone 4S for around 63 euros including shipping costs. Larger cities have such repair shops also on site. Gravis stores the request for the battery replacement 70 Euro.

Battery replacement during the warranty period: From the dealer

The Smartphone is still under warranty, that’s a different thing. One is not bound to the contract, you can apply directly to the manufacturer, addition of the Smartphone as a Contract with a cellular provider, purchased, this should be the first point of contact. However, there is no generally valid procedure, such as Demands in Stuttgart.

Apple iPhone 4S

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Apple iPhone 4S

Case iPhone: what is the battery defective?

So there were some very different answers. On the question of when a weak battery is a warranty case, varied between under 50 percent of capacity – which is not easy to examine – or an average period of use below four hours.

Counselor: tips for battery care

The best tip was in the O2 Shop: If in the settings of the iPhone in the “diagnostic & usage data” is a battery entry, then this indicates a Defect. Usually referred to contact with Apple directly. A Gravis employee even warned that due to the exchange during the term of the contract with the Provider of the warranty goes out, and also pointed to Apple.

The Apple Store is either repaired or you get a replacement device. Also, if you let the iPhone via Express Service for 29 Euro pick up. The most important measure in all cases: previous data backup.

Lend a Hand: Only for the experienced fine motoriker

Who actually wants to lend a Hand, should not only have sufficient confidence in his craft skills, but also have tested.

To give you an idea of fiddling with the battery exchange, we show in the gallery. as the professionals of the test factory, test laboratory of the connect, proceed to the Apple iPhone.

Images gallery



Images gallery

Battery replacement: how do the professionals in the test factory

The gallery shows how the professionals in the test factory, test laboratory of the connect, with smartphone approach with a fixed built-up battery.

Often is not asked for the battery replacement special tool in the tool box. You may have Torx screws puller to Hand, in the case of a triangular screw the thing looks already differently. Not to mention various other specialties, the candidate repairer like Indiana Jones in front of new puzzles.

Remedy can offer, as so often, the Internet. So is there supplied with a few spare batteries with the appropriate tool. For many a Smartphone, there is such a repair to buy sets separately – the most prominent example is the iPhone’s once more.

Not without a manual

But with the tool it is not done, because you should already know exactly what to do to get the battery as far as possible without damage to the equipment exchange. Of course, the network is also available here for many models of information.

One of the most well-known hobbyists pages On the English website, there are step-by-step instructions, some including images. The master Hand and foot, so that also the professionals of the connect-laboratory test factory based sometimes. As the smartphone for the connect Test, but usually before or shortly after the market launch, the editors, the measurement specialists in the rule itself.

Hobbyists are risking your warranty

But also with tools and information, you should think twice, whether you will make the battery swap really. The device is still under warranty, it is solely through the Opening of the housing in danger. Because many of the screws are with a lacquer in which is not necessarily visible.

In the case of a genuine warranty case, it may be that the manufacturer considers the damage as a breach of warranty, even if it was only for the purpose of battery change. Another disincentive is the risk of damaging the Smartphone when you Switch. Because often the batteries are installed so that the contacts or other small parts to pry in danger.

Also, the battery can be broken, per se, is not a big Problem – he is supposed to be anyway replaced. But damage can have dangerous side effects – in the worst case the battery catches fire.

If you really want to lend a Hand, you need to not only live with the expiration of the warranty, but also a total loss of the smartphone.

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