Competitive advantage through Cloud solutions

Innovation is the prerequisite for value. A modern Cloud environment, companies will receive new opportunities, business models and adapt to meet current customer needs.

Unternehmen müssen auf moderne Cloud-Techniken setzen, wenn sie am Markt bleiben wollen.

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Companies need to on modern Cloud technologies, if you are in the market want to stay.

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The secret for success in business often lies in a robust

Cloud Strategy
. Thus, companies can exploit the market gaps and new opportunities, by improving, through innovative applications, the User Experience. Who makes the really, stands out from the competition. The Rest remains in the increasing complexity captured and the device, due to outdated solutions in oblivion.

The way in which Cloud-free areas

Companies that rely on modern Cloud solutions, take advantage of the market potential and develop innovative ways to provide both corporate and private customers new high – quality services. You open up the ability to implement applications faster, smarter, and safer than ever before. By releasing innovations in applications, you can drag the transition to the Cloud – whether Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud with increased security and greater control. ”

Top 50 EMEA Cloud Climbers Report
“ shows how companies are future-oriented technologies and Cloud Computing to transform their Business and to influence the market.

Example Flixbus

Among the above performance examples, the German company Flixbus. Europe’s leading provider of innovative services for passenger transport to be a Start-up, so to speak, was founded in the Cloud. Flixbus differs from its competitors through the use of digital Services like mobile booking and Ticketing services as well as through dynamic prices, based as in the case of airlines, demand and capacity.

Through its proprietary platform-the Munich-based company was able to win about 80 percent of the intercity travel in Germany and thus the whole industry into confusion. Daniel Krauss, co-founder and CIO, Flixbus, believes that the ever-faster technological progress to accelerate the demise of traditional transport methods: “I can’t imagine a future with Autonomous buses and trucks, which could eventually make car companies unnecessary.”

Given the progress in digital technologies, especially in Artificial intelligence, to recognize companies such as Flixbus have the potential of current technologies, such as chat bots, which you can reach new customers through Messaging Apps and voice recognition systems. “Thanks to the Cloud Integration Flixbus could allow for innovative technologies and, thus, the product innovation within the company influence and improve,” says Krauss.

The Business secure

Security strategies for applications, however, is more important than ever, given the current threat landscape. The

Data must be protected
in order to work in conformity with the rules and not to endanger the reputation of the brand. The Cloud Climbers Report shows how companies can succeed, to overcome boundaries and also in very traditional sectors, new ways to go. Cloud technologies can improve the security of applications. This works, for example, through Identity Federation, policy control, as well as the prevention of cyber attacks and data breaches.

According to Gartner, alone, the market for cloud-based security services will increase in 2020 to $ 9 billion. The average annual growth rate is at 19.1 percent. Many Cloud providers benefit from further development of their business model and are able to offer innovative products and new Services that enhance efficiencies throughout the company.

Example, Biocatch

The Israeli company Biocatch is a leading behavioural biometrics. Every month it monitors five billion transactions on behalf of financial service providers to detect fraud and Malware. Biocatch is a real Cloud success story. The company differentiates itself from other providers by its unique authentication system that continuously monitors the user activities, as well as the interactions of electronic devices. The technology observed over 500 so-called Points of Behaviour and provides for each user a unique user profile. To count the Points of Behaviour, the Hand-eye coordination, pressure, and Tremor of the Hand, finger movements for Navigation, Scrolling, and other features.

“It is important, the conventional methods for fraud prevention and authentication, and to verify that a Person is the Person who is supposed to be – and, indeed, throughout the session, without a detriment to the User Experience,” says Eyal gold werger, CEO of Biocatch. The customers also experience the benefits of the service: “The technology that we have implemented with the help of Biocatch, plays a Central role in helping to strengthen our safety systems,” says Simon McNamara, Chief Administrative Officer at NatWest (National Westminster Bank, UK).


The digital world represents a great challenge for traditional business models. In the future, firm market share and increase revenues, which recognize the commercial potential and benefits of the new process, and secure Cloud technologies to offer.

The customers expect in all industries new and reliable deals. Start-ups that rely on the Cloud to fit just like long-established business models to be more agile, scalable, and faster with their products on the market.

Therefore, it is now time for the journey to the Cloud free, and to develop innovative applications.

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