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PACE makes cars to smart cars

The paradigm change in mobility does not happen overnight. We have put a lot of small steps back. PACE is one of those steps – and for most users, the first step on your way to the future of mobility.

For the end user it is often a question of budget, if he may be involved in the new Mobility-Hype. A Smartcar-a retrofit solution, such as PACE, allows even people with a relatively small Budget, in this exciting new time technically keep up.

The System we have developed combines (almost) all cars built in 1996 with the help of a Bluetooth adapter (the PACE), the Smartphone of the driver. In this way, PACE the motorist access to the data of the vehicle and provides 9 different functions available.

PACE is a combination of a OBD 2 connector and an App. The Adapter (PACE Link), is inserted into the car and then connects with the Smartphone.

The Features:

  • The Automatic Emergency Call
    (Detects if the car has an accident. The emergency call center does not inform the rescue service, when the driver finishes within 30 seconds, the rescue countdown by pressing a button.)
  • The Performance Monitor
    (Live data analysis of speed on oil Temperature and engine load to the lateral acceleration)
  • The Error Code Analysis
    (Easy-to-understand help in the case of unknown error messages)
  • The Electronic Travel Book
    (Tax office compliant and automatically)
  • The Fuel Part Rainer
    (Helps to save up to 25% on petrol and to preserve the environment.)
  • The Petrol Station Finder
    (Current gasoline prices of gas stations in the area and their opening Hours)
  • Find-My-Car Function
    (Remembers the last Parking position of the car.)
  • Gasoline Cost Tracking
    (Documentation for tank operations: fuel receipts can be archived and be clearly and concisely evaluated.)
  • Traffic Monitor
    (Traffic jams and traffic delays in the area and of the currently driven route)
PACE System

© PACE System

PACE System

Target group:

In Europe, 140 million vehicles are still offline, but OBD2-capable. Our Community currently consists of people who want to understand your car better, a more economical driving style, want to make a habit of, professionally, but no time for keeping a manual Logbook (and which the 1% rule is too expensive), or people who want to and for your family’s future due to the automatic emergency call. A current case example from our Community:
Frank Seckler of Darmstadt knew, thanks to the PACE, what is wrong with his car, called in his workshop, ordered a car. So the car spent rather than the usual 2-3 days only 20 minutes in the workshop and Mr. Seckler has saved money and time.

The Future:

PACE is currently marketed with a focus on end customers (B2C). In addition, PACE has great potential in the B2B area. On the one hand, for fleet customers, on the other hand, for workshops, as a customer loyalty instrument for Remote diagnosis as well as for Car insurance for the development of telematics Tariffs (Pay-as-you-drive). These B2B applications are currently in development.
The target group for PACE 140 million vehicles in Europe, the OBD 2 are all “offline” but are capable of currently. PACE thereby addresses a market of approximately EUR 70 billion in sales in the Automotive Aftermarket and EUR 100 billion in the field of Car insurance. On the Roadmap, both a Facebook and Twitter Integration, as well as a IFTTT Integration.

With the 2018 mandatory “eCall” is a PACE all the more important. According to the EU-Commission could be saved through the use of such automatic emergency call systems, life year 2500 people. Therefore, the EU has adapted the house to make the eCall from 2018 onwards mandatory for all new vehicles. The automatic emergency call from PACE enables a cost-effective and easy Retrofitting.


Source: PACE
PACE turns your car into a smartcar


The purchase of a one-time cost of 119 euros. In addition, no cost to you. PACE can be tested for 30 days free of charge. The customer is not satisfied, return it to us within this period, the PACE Link for free and get their money refunded.

Unique features:

The OBD II market is already well filled, but the PACE is different in many ways from other solutions:

  • Unique security concept for the protection against unauthorized access. We have designed the PACE Hardware Link, and a complex encryption and authentication logic integrated.
  • Bluetooth instead of the SIM card: a) very affordable costs position, one-time fee with no ongoing costs. b) real-time data from the car = extra Features (like the Performance Monitor), more depth for our large data pool, so that it is more valuable for big data Analytics.
  • A lot more Features than any other OBD systems. (complete review on
  • Extension of functionality – We have announced, for example, recently a partnership with SAP and will now integrate a payment function for petrol and Parking – based on the SAP Vehicles Network.
  • The PACE Link is E-Mark certified; i.e., it is allowed by law to use the PACE Link on German roads, according to the German traffic regulations. This is different PACE from many other OBD2 plugs.

Founding idea:

All three of the founders of PACE are very excited about the car and have been for a long time with innovations around the car. Originally, the idea was to PACE arose because the three wanted an affordable Connected Car solution for Everyone.

Martin Kern and Robin Schönbeck’ve known each other since Uni, Philip Blatter designed for years multi-talented Apps and complex Cloud systems. It was founded in PACE in 2015.

With Robin Schönbeck, Dr. Martin Kern and Philip Blatter PACE has a very experienced management level (e.g., McKinsey, SAP,, with a total of over 50 years of experience in relevant industries.

Philip Blatter

15+ years of experience in data Analytics, Data Mining, 5+ years in native App development
Expert in data analysis and interpretation, as well as linguistics and data collection
SAP Best in Big Data Award

Robin Schönbeck
20+ years of experience in the international IT / Software, with a focus on E-Commerce, technology-driven sales, Online Marketing
Built a technology-driven global market leader (e-Commerce, Mobile) roosts with its head in Silicon Valley
1. Place The “German Internet Award”

Dr. Martin Kern

15+ years of experience in the automotive and IT / software industry
8 Years Of McKinsey & Company (Focus On Automotive Industry)
CEO of (exit in Sept. 2013)


Source: PACE
Performance Monitor of the PACE | Create your own Dashboard in the App!

It was founded in PACE in 2015. The business idea was so well received that the company cracked after the founding of the Jackpot in Fundraising on Kickstarter In less than 24 hours to 250 percent of the Funding have been achieved-goal. Even the international press has reported at the time about the small Startup from Germany. After the surprising success of the PACE overnight, had a huge Community of beta testers who have helped with great devotion in the improvement of the Services. Since may of 2017, PACE is now officially on the market.

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