Hell Rockster XS in the practical test – connect

From the outside, the devil Rockster XS convinces with a robust housing. The compact Bluetooth speaker offers in the first Test and a convincing sound?

Teufel Rockster XS

© Devil

Hell Rockster XS


  • High-Quality Processing
  • Adult sound with a great vocal range
  • Intuitive Operation
  • Flexible


  • Quality has its price

The Bluetooth speaker is the devil Rockster XS in the practical test: is accommodate to get a small loudspeaker big sound to be as demanding as a Liter of water in a thimble. Small Chassis move less air than large, and what it lacks in cone area that needs to be made up for with larger strokes and more intelligent electronics. A task for professionals, is now available in the Berlin loudspeaker specialist Teufel.

Now the secret of the efforts of the pseudo-giant was revealed: Rockster XS is the compact Bluetooth speaker is available now for 180 Euro. First, a lot of money, but miniaturization is a development – and – the Rockster – the cost of materials. The Berlin-based miss the small Speaker is a solid aluminum housing, which you attest to in the face of Silkonabdeckungen via the USB and Aux inputs, as well as the controls even resistance against dirt and splash water.

That connect was one of the first Rockster test, showed not only the not-yet-final carton packaging, but also to the lack of user manual. The beauty of it: the Rockster is on the one hand eh is not long in the carton, and on the other hand, he could prove to you that he is simply easy to use.


In the Bluetooth settings of your phone pair are looking for, finished. Compatible Smartphones Pairing works provided also via NFC. A bit tricky was figuring out, how to enable the in the press release that is described in the outdoor mode. But only a tad: The pressure on a red-lit button in the control panel, changing the sound: voluminous and well-balanced has a slightly slimmer and louder. Who uses which mode in the house or Outdoor? We really don’t care, a matter of taste.

Balanced and round, the little bass-heavy variant, which elicited the colleagues from the neighboring Audio editors have a “incomprehensibly” remained. And, in fact, the devil grew astoundingly deep into the bass cellar, enthusiastic in voting locations, and went with his rather soft treble range even after longer Sessions in any of the Tester on the auditory nerve. Hardly worth mentioning the fact that the devil sets on the audiophile-grade AptX Codec.

Stereo Mode

Perhaps more important: Who wants to prefer to invest 360 Euro, you can combine two Rockster XS to a Stereo Set, and the neighbors to the broom handle. Because according to the small speakers can also. Not so, that one could reason with him a PA-rental, but still so loud that those neighbors are knocking to the ceiling. Two small front speakers and a rear, oval passive radiator, the above-described membrane area is increased in the bass range can make it.

The built-in battery hell not to trust power for 14 hours of play, what appears to be at background volume fibbing. Should go out the Smartphone in front of the Speaker, the blow, the battery in the Rockster can also tap into, to charge a Smartphone. Or one after the other two, because the devil is docked, thanks to party mode, two playback devices wirelessly.


Adult sound, robust housing, easy setup – get the party started!

More info on the subject you can find here!

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