Comparison test: Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC-2022 – connect

The new 1000-Euro-Receiver from Denon (AVR 2313) and Pioneer (SC 2022) are a bargain? We make the comparison test.


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The new 1000-Euro-Receiver from Denon (AVR 2313) and Pioneer (SC 2022) are a bargain? We make the comparison test.

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Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC 2022 in a comparison test: The acquisition of Hi – Fi and home cinema amplifiers will always be well-considered. What is most important to you? Maximum equipment, fattest amplifiers or easiest handling? Which Feature of the sound really brings progress? A few manufacturers offer the in the Following tested combination, which sounds in theory, first of all, is reasonable: You take the Decoder and Video of facial Expressions from the smaller series, connect them with the amplifier technology of the top models and put the icing on the cake – instead of yet more nonsensical Features from the imagination of marketing – a layman-friendly setup wizard on the complex structure of the car.

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Denon AVR 2313 und Pioneer SC 2022 - Ausstattung


Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC-2022 – equipment

Exactly that is conceptually behind the two 1000-Euro-receivers Denon AVR-2313 and the Pioneer SC 2022. In many ways the subjects are similar; the operation starts with precise processing with relatively simple materials. Both devices include, then, besides the pure AV amplifier with an analog Tuner with RDS and a universal Streaming Player, Internet radio and local music streaming over the network or via USB, and wireless playback of Apple hand-held devices via Airplay . Pioneer holds optional Adapter for wireless wifi connectivity and Bluetooth Audio ready, to, for example, also from Android Smartphones or Tablets music send to.

Denon is working on a Firmware Update. It gap provides seamless Gapless Streaming for classical music and live music Fans, and also can Apple Lossless Audio, short-ALAC, play.

Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC 2022 in the comparison test: differences

Fundamentally, the Duo differs in its calibration procedure. While Denon traditionally Audyssey , the next level, and adjusting mainly the frequency response of employees, Pioneer’s exclusive MCACC (Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration), the above-mentioned topics, in addition to the group run times and thus the time behavior of speakers, and the room takes care of and also excellent work – in particular, in the case of the combination of structurally different boxes in a Surround System. In an attempt MCACC managed at one Time or another, the coupling of small speakers to the Subwoofer better than Audyssey, and the Set played then, all of a piece. However, Audyssey does its thing more and more as a neat. Applied correctly, provide both systems with good services.

Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC 2022 in the comparison test: Installation

Again on the same track of the competing developers transformed the handling of the complex amplifier and the especially during the Setup of the system. Pioneer, as the Denon will offer detailed installation wizard. Accompany you in plain English with Step-by-step instructions on the entire connection and Calibration process. In the technical implementation of the solutions differ. While Denon displays the instructions exclusively on the TV – must at least be connected, to provides Pioneer with its setup wizard also, available for Windows, iOS (Apple) and Android and requires, instead of on the TV is a functioning network connection.

Denon AVR 2313 - Bewertung / Testurteil


Denon AVR-2313 – stereo play review / test, verdict

Denon is the step in the direction of the easy handling, a consistent step further than the Pioneer colleagues. To slim for the current series, the controls of the Front and the keypad on the remote control to dramatically – and this is so clever, that neither the comfort nor the functionality suffers. Quite to the contrary. The praise from the point of view of the user.

In another part of the team’s different areas of focus. So Pioneer used a simpler video technology, process everything up to Full-HD and 3D, but it can show, for example, information such as the volume setting to the current image. And easy via RCA (composite) connected to the sources of the sharpness. HDMI Material , but the SC 2022, thanks to the very good De-describing the current deinterlacer setting and Scaler is perfect, and sticking sharp. Denon skin in Video a pound more of it – and up to four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K (because horizontal is approximately 4,000 pixels to be used). The AVR-2313 can show this only in the future, relevant huge resolution even menus on the current film picture. Also analog leaked Video looks a little crisper than the Pioneer.

Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC 2022 in the comparison test: hearing test

In the listening test, finally, the two AV-experts were allowed to their power muscles. They were both very good, because in strength there is no lack you truly. But the solution approaches for the power generation comes again from opposite philosophies. Denon assumes the circuit design of its top models, with a conventional analogue output stages and a single transistor pair per channel. Pioneer built in high-modern switching power amplifiers of high power and wide working area, which allows the use of true Four-Ohm speakers. “Direct Energy HD amplifier” to call the Japanese the. The high-efficiency power amplifiers operate with very high efficiency and therefore generate only little waste heat. They are installed in an encapsulated chamber to the back of the AV Receiver and be forced if necessary with a small fan ventilated, the behavior in the Test, inconspicuous.

Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC 2022 in the comparison test: Analog vs. Digital-AMP

Pioneer SC 2022 - Bewertung / Testurteil


Pioneer SC-2022 – stereo play review / test, verdict

In the listening test, the Tester is switched off, all the signal processing except the Tondekodierung. The amplifier circuits had to be so self-claim. First of all, the two almost contrasting sound of the characters were. The Denon played very open and contoured, sized accurately to all the instruments in the room and also benefited from high-resolution recordings with more focus. That was the Surround for the Stereo playback. The Tester is wired to the Pioneer, parried this with something finer heights and more boost in the Bass. He sounded distinctly velvety, and in the first Moment, pleasing, for he was at the local Association and differentiation of the acoustic events. Its more compact in the Middle of the SC 2022 compensated with warmer, richer tones and a more impulsive flow of music. Somehow, he was Groovy more than the AVR-2313 and the handset bounced spontaneously with the feet.

Clear thing: another device as a scale had to be found – and found the Tester in the form of the Yamaha RX A 2010 on the shelf. This Receiver sound wonderfully balanced, and powerful. The Denon resembled him the most, losing out to the more expensive competitors, and after a longer Compare in a few aspects. While the AVR-2313 was to the slightly contoured in the Middle, but in the Bass, he pulled the Shorter, with less mass and strength. He, too, was the room not quite as deep and sharp.

Raphael Vogt - Redakteur


Raphael Vogt – Editor

The Pioneer played in comparison to the Yamaha insinuating, velvety. The treble range was a bit darker, but equal to fine. It lacked the SC 2022 in comparison with re-differentiation and contour in the midrange, what he sounded but, with a wonderfully earthy, light colors bet made. In the Bass the newcomer showed more thrust and torque, the old hare, but offered more control. The space Pioneer was also in this duel, less sharp, which is why he couldn’t pull on the RX A 2010 over. Nothing makes the Yamaha costs a whopping 400 euros more.

Denon AVR 2313 and the Pioneer SC 2022 in the comparison test: conclusion

Since the choice is difficult. The Denon has the slightly better equipment, the Pioneer, the even smarter calibration system. On Denon the like remote control acknowledged. Pioneer countered in turn with the better Apps. It is a fact, and that is actually the greatest praise: With two receivers, movie and music can easily be stress-free and hours enjoy.

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