Four Compact speakers with coaxial drivers in the Test – connect

Sound-Tuning can be done differently: Compact speakers are the perfect solution for the near field. The driver principle of Koaxes brings a lot of benefits. What exactly betray our four test candidates.

Kompaktboxen mit Koax-Treibern

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Compact speakers with coaxial drivers

Compact speakers in the Test

  • KEF LS50 (€1,100)
  • KS Digital KSD in 2010 (€1,500)
  • Pioneer S-71B (1,000 Euro)
  • Tannoy Precision 6.1 (€1,100)

Within the Hi-Fi universe takes the Boxing world, with their great diversity of species of particular importance. The different transducer types each have their advantages and disadvantages. Coaxial driver allows the arrangement of the Low/midrange and tweeter on an axis, usually a phase in the correct directivity, which, in practice, often a realistic figure. Compact loudspeaker with coaxial drivers are recommended primarily for sound reinforcement in near field range and are particularly suitable for listening rooms, not acoustically with stand boxes-tolerated want an interesting solution.

The anniversary model for 50. Birthday of KEF and the small Tannoy from the Precision series are typical representatives in our coax Quartet. The transducer of Pioneer and KS Digital – the latter an active speaker to bring the necessary variety to the game.

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Images: Compact speakers with coaxial drivers

KEF LS50, 1.100 euros, buy on Amazon


During the listening tests I was four Times positively surprised: The KEF is a detail-rich Hi-Fi Box, the actual Monitor qualities . The KSD in 2010, sounded more detailed and made in spite of their Studio-genes really fun. The Pioneer needed the right Amp, your many Strengths to fully develop. And the Tannoy? They put their counterparties, at least in terms of dynamics, ice-cold in the bag. Its a little more direct tonality is a matter of taste – my colleagues and I were certainly impressed.

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