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By using E-Reader Apps like Google Play Books can also be used on the Smartphone comfortably read E-Books. We have tested six Reader for the iPhone and for Android Smartphones.

Reader (Sony), Thalia, iBooks

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Reader (Sony), Thalia, iBooks

The Trend for the E-Book is obvious, even if the vast majority of readers are still in the printed book. But the benefits are not of the Hand: to have almost as many books to hand at all times, take notes and make annotations, and to delete the Reader comfortable to hold in one Hand, in the dictionary look up words to translate …

Anyone who reads a lot, knows such convenient to estimate. Of course, the question of whether you need to have to read on the road in addition to Smartphone and Laptop is also still an E-Reader, or whether even an App for the Smartphone is fully sufficient.

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We have six E-Reader Apps for the iPhone and for Android to the test. Whether you are making the transition now, in principle, E-Books, and whether the reading to the, admittedly, quite small screens, like, this everyone must decide for themselves. The Smartphone battery will not hold as long as the pure E-Reader, but the functionalities are quite handsome.

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However, you should consider carefully which System you, as it is not always E-Books the way between the platforms, simply and forth. All of the six tested here Reader Apps are free, and you also run on the iPad and on Android Tablets.

Seat 1: Google Play Books

The Android-test winner, Google Play Books provides you with a good system base and extensive Features, the best overall performance and be disappointed in iOS.

As the only Reader with translation function, Google Play Books has but one point of criticism: Pay only with a credit card, even to Download free E-Books this required.

Google Play Books in the Test

Smartphone,Google Play Books

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Seat 2: iBooks

Our iOS test winner scores with a huge In-App Shop, most of the Features are impressive and simple E-Book management.

iBooks in the Test

3rd Place: Kindle

The Amazon App impressed with literature, lexicon and assessment opportunities.The App was designed for Android a little more complex than for iOS, the user interface is easy and understandable, the Icons are self-explanatory. Plus: Lots of free E-Books.

Kindle App from Amazon in the Test

Seat 4: eBook.de

The Reader App by Libri has the most fonts and has no weaknesses. Unfortunately, the iOS Version provides less Service.

eBook.de in the Test

Seat 5: Thalia eBooks

Very easy to use, a well-stocked In-App store, but iOS features missing a lot of reading. While the Android Version has extensive adjustment possibilities, dispensed with Thalia on iOS, even on the font selection and the setting of the screen color.

Thalia eBooks in Test

Seat 6: Reader (Sony)

The App of the E-Reader pioneer, is well designed and all the important reading functions. Handling and Features disappoint, however.

Reader App of Sony in the Test

Conclusion: Google Play Books conquered the top position

All six of the tested Apps are free, at least offer a own Webshop, and with all the Apps in the purchased books can be convenient and easy to read. The equipment of the Reader, however, differs significantly.

Even for the readability of the basic Features such as font selection, line spacing, or screen rotation are not here, of course. Amazingly the sometimes significant differences between the iOS and Android versions.

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Under the open systems, Google Play Books is the best choice for Android; however, those who use an iPhone, iBooks remains the measure of all things. Here in a practical way, can be managed also shop third-party E-Books in the EPUB Format and read.

Who does not interfere in the closed System of Amazon, or a Kindle Reader has for the Kindle is the same on both operating systems is also a well-equipped App can be also convenient with a Kindle device to sync.

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