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You want to back up WhatsApp messages or old Chat logs to a new Smartphone? We will show how to create a WhatsApp Backup on iPhone and Android Smartphones.

  1. WhatsApp: creating a Backup and chat history restore
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  3. WhatsApp Backup on iPhone
WhatsApp Backup

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The Backup for Whatsapp easiest way is via Google Drive or iCloud Drive.

Creating a Backup with Android

With your Android Smartphone, you have two options to secure your WhatsApp messages:

  • WhatsApp sets automatically every Morning at 2:00 PM a local data backup in the memory of your mobile phone. If necessary, you can start the local backup manually, by typing in the section “Local Backup” to “Backup”.
  • On the other, you can place the Backups on the Online drive Google Drive. There, the data are safe even if you lose your Smartphone or it for a new swap.

At Google, WhatsApp stores only the current Backup, while local seven Backups are repealed. Therefore, it may be interesting to check both Fuses. So you can easily access via the Cloud to the latest Backup and have on-demand access to older, local backup files.

Android Screenshots

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Under settings → chat the Chat-Backup

WhatsApp-Backup in Google Drive

This Form of data backup requires a Google user account, as well as the Google Play services and also free space on Google Drive. Tap “Google Drive backup” and then set the rhythm, the backup to occur.

Then select the with your Google Drive related Google account. It is not set up on your Android phone, then you can set it up by tapping “add Account”. Confirm the access of WhatsApp to Google Drive in which you have to tap the bottom right to “Allow”.

In the default, the Google-Backup of WhatsApp is very friendly to your mobile data plan. Backups take place only if the device is connected to the Wi-Fi and the mobile Internet will not be charged a connection as a result. If you want to allow on the go data, create a backup, tap “Backup” and then select the Option “Wi-Fi or mobile data”.

Depending on how important it is to you via WhatsApp exchanged Videos, you should also activate the Option “Including Videos”. Consider, however, that video data are particularly hungry and, if necessary, to the mobile Backups.

Android Screenshots

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Select the user account and confirm the access of WhatsApp to Google Drive.

WhatsApp tip: save disk space

Those who receive on WhatsApp with lots of pictures and Videos, you should consider whether really all of these data should always be automatically saved on the Smartphone. In particular, if the memory space is limited, we recommend a corresponding Change in the WhatsApp settings.

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