• Unbeatable Price-Performance Ratio
  • Variety of different functions
  • High security and easy as well as straightforward to operate.

A 24/7 Support must be added.

Thanks to an unbeatable price-performance ratio, the highest safety precautions and the simplest ease of use can make users with STRATO HiDrive as good as anything wrong. Only in the area of Support of the smaller swabs must be taken into account.

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  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Usability
  • Help & Support


4,80 Pkt

The Hosting provider with the according to own best price-performance ratio was founded in the year 1997 in Berlin. Since 2010, STRATO AG offers with HiDrive is a Cloud storage solution for business and private users.
The HiDrive Online storage for up to five different Tariffs available, which differ in their available data volume of 20 to 5,000 GB, the price and the part of the function scope.
The customer has the choice between a contract period of 12 and 24 months. Anyone who is in doubt as to which Tariff is right for him or whether HiDrive comes into question, you can test all of the rate plans free for 30 days, and within this trial period terminate at any time. Excluded from this trial offer the extensive 5.000-Gigabyte rate is only.

Among the features that are included in each of the five Tariffs:

  • Backup control for the regular backup of the current storage object
  • Backup Software Support
  • HiDrive Share Gallery, with the photo albums, especially beautiful presents will be able to
  • Sharing options for file sharing with friends
  • Mobile Access
  • Online file Manager to quickly Upload and Share files
  • HiDrive API, with the HiDrive easily in your own applications to be integrated can

Upload pictures and share made easy

With the HiDrive Share Gallery, which in all packages is included, users can in the blink of an eye Online-create photo albums and this comfortably and safely with others – such as family members or friends to share. So STRATO is HiDrive is excellent as an Image Hoster.

The Share Gallery is not only to Share the images with friends and Acquaintances useful, because they can simultaneously even upload your own images, and to create a common gallery. Thus, all can collect your photos in one place and watch, what about after a vacation together or a family celebration. The images can then be considered, according to taste, either online as a Slide-Show or of each to the gallery added users on the Computer are downloaded. In addition, users can transfer their images via the Browser in the Share Gallery, thanks to the practical HiDrive App, users can also upload all of the images from their Smartphones or Tablets while on the go and save it.

Die HiDrive Share Gallery
Thanks to the HiDrive Share Gallery, customers can create photo albums in no time.


4,90 Pkt

The cost for HiDrive depend on the chosen Tariff, as well as the specific term of the contract. The customer has at STRATO choose between a contract period of 12 and 24 months of HiDrive.

A longer contract will be rewarded

The customer opts for the longer contract, so the first six months are free. With the exception of the Tariff with the smallest available volume of data. In addition, the monthly price after the free half of the year, lower than the shorter term of the contract. Here, it is worthwhile, therefore, to the somewhat less flexible variant. The following table provides an Overview of the five deals, your available data volume of the respective billing period, as well as price.

Data volume and runtime 6 months free Price per month Billing period
20 GB with 12 months maturity No 0.89€ a year
20 GB with 24 months maturity No 0,79€ a year
100 GB with 12 months maturity No 3,99€ semi-annually
100 GB with 24 months maturity Yes 3,59€ semi-annually
1,000 GB with 12 months maturity No 7,50€ a year
1,000 GB with 24 months maturity Yes 9,90€ quarter-annually
2,000 GB with 12 months maturity No 24,90€ on a monthly basis
2,000 GB with 24 months maturity Yes 19,90€ on a monthly basis
5,000 GB, with 12 months maturity No 59,90€ on a monthly basis
5,000 GB with 24 months maturity Yes 49,90€ on a monthly basis

In addition to the monthly costs the user a one-time setup fee in the amount of 9,90 Euro. This fee is independent of the selected Tariff and the term of the contract. The only exception to this is the middle Tariff with 1,000 gigabytes of memory space for twelve-month contract period: the one-time setup fee is waived. A free Cloud storage solution, STRATO offers. However, all of the available rates in comparison with other providers are very inexpensive – in particular, those with a contract term of 24 months. Also offers, with the exception of the 5,000-Gigabyte package free for 30 days tested.

Unlimited Traffic on all plans

A Traffic Limit, there is none of the five HiDrive packages. The cheapest rate can be unlimited and at no additional cost-files are uploaded, sent, and received. An artificial Speed reduction in the Overshoot of a limit is also to be feared.

While the customer has at STRATO in terms of the Cloud storage Rate, a relatively large selection, the provider him for payment, no choice. All five of the offered rates, regardless of their contract term will only be paid by direct debit. The advantage for the customer: He does not need to keep in mind to regularly pay a certain amount by Bank Transfer or credit card and can’t forget about the payment, therefore, also accidentally.

Angebote von STRATO HiDrive
The offers from STRATO HiDrive convince by Clarity.


4,80 Pkt

Safety is a top priority at STRATO HiDrive. This guarantees the provider to its customers the highest level of data security. This contributes to the fact that all of the server locations of STRATO in Germany. Thus, all data are subject to the German data protection, which is considered one of the strictest in the world. In addition, IT-security, privacy and availability to be confirmed annually by an independent TÜV certification (ISO 27001).

Hosted in Germany
All data are subject to Strato, the German data protection.

Well protected and highly reliable

In order to protect its customers against all kinds of Internet risks, STRATO numerous safety Features. This includes the backup control feature, which automatically regular Backups of the files, as well as the STRATO-site guard, protects against hackers and intruders. In addition, STRATO operates according to a strict security concept, which also ensures the highest availability.


4,80 Pkt

The establishment and use of HiDrive is very simple and clear. After the customer has decided to use the matching HiDrive package, he gets from STRATO an e-Mail with his access data. With these, he can log in immediately via the official Homepage for HiDrive.
On the “settings” gets the user quickly to account management, where he can change the user name and password. The functions such as Uploading and Sharing files, and Creating photo albums are intuitive and self-explanatory, allowing even inexperienced users should easily come with the use of HiDrive.

If the user should have, despite the ease of use of HiDrive problems, he can download on the STRATO Website, free of charge, a guide that leads him vividly in six easy steps through all the important functions.

HiDrive supports common operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Also offers STRATO a free HiDrive App with the user at any time conveniently by Smartphone or Tablet to your Online storage can access. The App is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Help & Support

4,00 Pkt

Also, with regard to the customer service, the offer of STRATO is wide-ranging. However, all of the services offered in the Cloud storage Tariffs are not included. The following services are available to the users of HiDrive packages available:

  • 030-service phone
  • Call-back service
  • E-Mail Service
  • Extensive FAQ database

In the extensive FAQ area, customers can quickly find answers to a variety of areas – for example, to basic questions, first steps, account and user management and HiDrive Hardware. In addition, the users in this area is also a good introduction video to the Online storage. Who finds there, in spite of topics for overview and search function, no answer to his question, you can contact either by E-Mail or by phone to a Strato experts. In addition to a 030-Service Hotline, which is during the week between 8:00 and 20:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 18:30 is achievable, STRATO customers with a free disorder hotline . A 24/7 Hotline is not included in the HiDrive packages, but must be booked.

The Support area looks clean and clear.

Numerous News and tips around the topic of Hosting can refer to those users of the STRATO-Blog. A Live Chat Support and a user forum is missing unfortunately. In addition, it may take a little longer to ask the end customer about the E-Mail Service, an answer from the STRATO-experts. Here, air is still up. More products from STRATO website Builder and Server.


Of 4.66 PTS

STRATO HiDrive Logo Strato HiDrive convinces with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

In the overall result is impressive, STRATO HiDrive, especially with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Especially in the choice of the longer of the contract period, the customer can save a lot of money. In addition, STRATO offers a total of five Tariffs with different data volume of a large selection of customers with different needs each have the right product for yourself you should find it. Also in the categories of usability and security, STRATO can Shine with a high level of user-friendliness and maximum safety. Only in the area of help and Support with the potential for optimization still exists.

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