Recording and editing audio files

For the use of an Audio editor, there are a variety of different reasons. While some people in the Audio Editor only use Audio files to record and create, and use other voice recording Software to old recordings to restore and to edit. Very creative, and music loving people can let off steam at this point. Many use the Audio Editor to convert audio files to a different file format. Particularly creative people can create with the help of the Audio editor of your own music creations. Whether Amateur or ambitious DJ, mix, burn, rip, edit, recover, restore, as well as the use of effects like Echo, Delay or Flanger are Easy with the right Audio Editor. In supersonic speed , a Sound that created or digital Tracks can be created. The processed pieces of music in the quality adjusted and improved, the title can be cut to size, Soundtracks from movies can be extracted and all of the audio files in MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, WAV or other popular file formats are saved.

Who record music via the sound card, rip Audio CDs or old records would like to spice it up, a good Audio Editor. However, care should be taken in the selection of the appropriate editor on a few points.

What should good Audio editors?

In the network are many Download options for free Audio editors. For the layman, the functions of this Software frequently, but professional pieces of music to create to, which requires some additional functions, which are usually only available in purchase versions of the Software. A good Audio Editor should first Create function contain, as an easy-to-use basic program, for example, for voice and music recording from Internet radio stations. In addition, advanced filters, and tools should be provided, with which the sound of older media such as LPs or damaged audio recordings can be restored.

Audio-Editoren Kopfhörer
In an Audio Editor, a variety of editing can be included Tools.

Such a Filter can also Filter out static and unwanted background noise. An Audio Editor contains several editing Tools, the Paste and cut options, day and Media information processing, the Edit should include. A good Audio Editor can Podcasts, Internet radio shows, and other types of Streaming Audio using the Record function. After the Transfer of the audio file from a Video or audio file, a DVD, a CD, or the sound card, the file can be edited accordingly, and on the Computer, or a portable device belongs to. Most Audio editors offer the ability to convert a Convert function data formats. So can be created from a variety of audio files to smaller MP3 files or other file formats.

The scope and quality of the voice recording

In an Audio Editor, a variety of editing Tools, effects and Filters to be included. Beginners should therefore consider which tasks should be managed, and whether a more professional Editor is not at all necessary. Because the more functions a program includes, the more cluttered it is, of course. For the professional musician or DJ, the question is whether all necessary functions are actually available. Beginners can benefit from a large number of preset effects and Filters, too, if the operation is kept simple.


In the selection of the appropriate Audio-editor for the own requirements of play, the ease of use , in particular, for the laity a major role. Basically, all of the important functions of the Audio editor should find easily and use. Some programs come to the user with pre-set effects and Filters, the on Icons or drop-down menus are selectable. Often the Audio Editor allows for an unlimited number of times an Undo-function, with the help of the editing steps can be undone. Many functions, such as the search for the sound cards, the car-Streaming and device detection run in good Audio editors automatically, in what has proved to be very practical.

Help and Support

Audio editors can provide a novice user once in front of tricky questions. Most programmes are, therefore, comprehensive support options and a FAQ section . Often forums can be used to obtain problem solutions. The provider of good Audio editors are usually provided by a technical Support that can be contacted directly. This can usually be done either by phone or by E-Mail.

Good Sound editors for music cut

The following Audio editors to convince Record in the functions That Convert to and Burn. In addition, you have an excellent Sound-quality and offer numerous effects.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition CC is a powerful Audio Editor that comes in a new guise. The professional program provides all of the possibilities, audio, files, edit, and optimize. Supports all the popular formats of Mac and Windows, also Adobe Audition CC Tracks you can import from a CD. The heart of the program is the most powerful Multitrack Editor, an unlimited number of tracks supported. In addition to music, the program can also, of course, and sound files to edit. In addition to dynamic effects such as Equalizer, Echo and reverb can also sound tracks from Videos to be adapted, this is a HD support . Own sounds can be recorded by a microphone in the sound portfolio and continue to be used.

Quality of Material is high, can Adobe Audition CC to perform a noise reduction and a noise-effective to repay. Also, the Backwards-playing of pieces of music and a whole range of high-quality filters belong to the standard repertoire of this high quality Software. Each change made can be undone belongs to.

Extensive Software for professionals:

Of getting used to, however, is the Creative Cloud, a subscription function of the Software. The program is used, you must complete a subscription, the yearly or be terminated at any time. The programs are stored on the hard drive, settings, and data sets the Software in the Online Cloud . The advantage of the Cloud is that projects of any location can be edited, besides, is easy to Share with other creative people. The user interface works, unfortunately, is relatively messy, which is probably due to the large number of functions. There are numerous Bars, Toolbars, and Buttons are also quite small.Beginners without any prior knowledge can start to feel overwhelmed, if not by the many Tutorials and guides work. Without a basic knowledge of the subject, the user is lost in this programme, helpless, however, it offers connoisseurs optimal and endless possibilities, which are especially utilised by companies and professional Audio designers thoroughly.


Ardourist an Audio Editor that allows you to Record, edit and Mix audio files. The program was specifically designed for operation with Linux and Mac developed and supports all popular formats, including the old and still often used in the Midi Format. A wide range of functions and tools, like Equalizer, Sync-function and faders also come from home.To use Ardourist especially simple, which is partly due to the fact that the program is very complex. A big advantage is that there is the program in different versions. So there are in addition to the demo version, a basic version for one Euro. Here are minor Updates are even included.

Inexpensive and convincing: Who all functions of the program and all Updates get, can between subscriptions of one, four or ten Euro choose. For the functional scope and the quality of the programme an unbeatable price! Unfortunately, there are Ardour is only in English and on the Homepage for a FAQ or Support area, as well as any kind of Tutorial, the the at a program so complex, quite make sense is missing. As in the case of the Open-Source common, one relies on the help and Support from the Community.


The Audio Editor Sound Forge of Sony impresses especially with its enormous range of possibilities for optimization. Audio files can be edited to your liking and mastered, Sony can look back on around 25 years of experience. Especially professional sound designer to benefit from this Software, but also a hobby mixer come. Sony has placed the new Version of the powerful and presents Forge Pro 11 several features that were not in previous versions. Particularly, the volume was adjusted by Tracking options and a volume-over the course of the module have been added. Recordings are made in a high quality, in addition, has improved the implementation process.

Introduction to a new sound dimension: Sound Forge is the plug-in ‘Noise Reduction’ system, which effectively ensures that background noise removed. The sound receives a new Dimension that has not been achieved in earlier versions. The user guide is exemplary , and takes beginners by the Hand. Advanced and professionals will be able to disable any Tutorials and assistance and get started immediately. A total of about 25 tools, and effects for the optimization of the audio data are available, some of which are also Audio tracks of the Videos can be edited. The user interface is not pleasing in colour, unfortunately it has Clarity. This is mainly due to the huge range of functions, the more adequately to their basic functions will be reduced.

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