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Dynaudio has developed for the third Generation of the Contour series, a completely new speaker. We have tested the compact Contour 20.

Dynaudio Contour 20

© Dynaudio

Dynaudio Contour 20


  • super tweeter
  • extremely stable housing
  • fine resolution
  • tonally balanced
  • dry Bass



AUDIO Sound rating: 95 points price/performance: outstanding


No stone should remain on another. Not that the old Contour would somehow have been bad, quite the contrary, but the Better is the enemy of the Good, and better the new Contour series should be on every case. You may not, however, tearing just all the walls and hope that the new house itself is beautiful. So the Danes brought in fresh blood in the Form of new engineers in their development team – the view from the outside can make a big difference. The experts took every Detail under the magnifying glass. Much was good, some of it was out of the question. “Why are you doing this?” or “Have you ever tried that?” it was called. There has been much discussion in Skanderborg, tweaked, tinkered, tested.

A completely new speaker came. New housing, new low-midrange driver, new tweeter. Holding, new the. The Esotar 2 was previously reserved for only the flagships of Dynaudio and must now act for the first time in the Contour series is a blessing. He is so good that it was to improve him.

Both drivers are firmly screwed to the massive aluminum front panel. There were Considerations to make the screws invisible, and the plate with the housing complete. But the speaker should not only technically, but also visually, the Dynaudio DNA. That is why there are screws to see and the front panel seems to float a Millimeter above the wood. The looks in connection with the Finish in white oak, pretty and modern. Also the rounded case continues the modern Look that is for Dynaudio in a completely new way – up on the screws! The housing should also sound good. Since the drive of the woofer has increased strongly, had a case and front panel are clearly massive. Now nothing more should resonate.

Dynaudio Contour 20

© Dynaudio

The strong drive of the woofer made a redesign of the housing is necessary. In cross section, the thickness of the walls, especially the rear wall, which is particularly solid.

Hearing test

Rarely, we were looking forward to the audition like in the case of the Contour 20. Theory is all well and good, but the complete redesign would sound? First of all, the Soundtrack came to us to “hell tour” by Till Brönner in the Finger. Quickly in the Player, and “Wanna Be Free” played. As the Bass started, and exclaimed to us involuntarily a “Wow”. Solid and dry as a bone, the Contour 20 pushed the Bass in the direction of the Sofa, and the 100 percent control. The low-frequency vibrations atomized, literally, our concerns whether the New would sound better than the Old one. That was the Hammer, Danish Dynamite in the truest sense of the word. Till brönner’s fabulously good Soundtrack was here for the big cinema. Width of stage, depth of scale and a perception that it is meant to be able to into the music. And the fine Dane, the Whole garnished with the right amount of feeling, making us the first title to be convinced totally of the new qualities of this compact Box. The final chord from the wing of a swirled for a few seconds by the listening room, there came silence.

Luckily, only briefly, because we jumped to title 17, “Souffrance dans la montagne”. The gloss on the guitar strings coupled with Till brönner’s airy and delicate touch on his trumpet let this Moment almost magical. Again, the width of the stage fell, the Dynaudio positioned the musicians like to the left or to the right, as if to say: “The music is not of my membranes.”

Brönner out, Audiophile Pearls Vol. 15. Title: Grammy-winner Jon Cleary with “Pump It Up”. The came the Contour just right, but it has a new Bass Chassis, that you wanted to show us. She did also and pumped neat thing in the room. But so balanced, controlled and dry that it was a pleasure and we had to be careful that it ripped us off the couch, finally we were here to Work and not to Dance. So we’re switched with Rachelle Garniez and “New York Minute”. Yes, you could literally feel how the Pianist and Bassist looked at each other and the joy of the Interplay with a Smile in the face. For us, it was the case. And the voice of Ms. Garniez sound so clear and deep that we had to think of a mountain Lake on a beautiful October day.

Dynaudio Contour 20

© Dynaudio

The Contour 20 can also let the back to see. The bass reflex tube has a rough surface, similar to a shark. What enhances the animal, Aqua dynamics, improves the aerodynamics.

Ms. Garniez had finished, The Franklin Electric with the “Strongest Man came Alive”. They don’t realize, perhaps, that we jumped, like a wild (and common) between the Tracks back and forth, but in peace, the washer ran. The quiet guitar playing contributed to the relaxation. Especially the noise was caused by on the fingerboard and slip the end of a guitarist’s fingers. Sometimes it can be a pain, but the Contour 20 made it to the plastic part of the piece and gave the performance more authenticity. As the title of the stupid bard Otto had not occurred to us: “the Danes lie”.

A friend of classical music

We laid deliberately, the Gustav Mahler 6. Symphony in a-minor a, in the recording with the Sinfonia Orchestra under Benjamin Zander as a SACD. The first movement begins with the pounding rhythm in the strings, allegro energico, grim, March-like, but exciting. The heroic Blare of the brass, and was soon back in the warmth of the woodwind captured, that was it. This piece is all of the triangle on the snare drum to timpani represented. The loud passages had no enforcement power, the silent went under anyway, the speakers always kept the Overview. So classic and fun.


The Dynaudio Contour 20 is a very big litter of Danes. The Esotar 2 is one of the best fabric tweeters, we know; you hamoniert perfectly with the newly developed bass / midrange drivers. The reproduction is not as accurate as a Studio monitor, but without being analytical. Rather, the Emotion and the fun of the music are in the foreground. Hats off!

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