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An internal E-Mail from Apple has been leaked, the Release of the new iPhone on 17. September suggesting. The Information is real?

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The models of the iPhone 7, 6s, and SE. The iPhone 8 coming in September?

The Release of the new iPhone could be as late as initially feared. An internal email from Apple was published, suggesting that the Release of the new iPhone on 17. September could take place and not, as in the previous rumors discussed, only in October or November.

The Mail has been published by Apple Leaker @VenyaGeskin. In the E-Mail to the Apple employees that it of 17. September to 4. November will be again in the company of so-called Black Out Days. In this time, it is not Apple to take employees permitted leave, since many of the requests for customer-Support. Such Black Out Days to terminate normally when Apple Release a new product.

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E-Mail a Fake?

The E-Mail is real, it would mean that this year’s Release could fall date for the iPhone on a Sunday. Since the Apple Keynote, when the iPhone is commonly presented, has taken place so far, always on a working day, Express a lot of readers on Twitter to doubt the authenticity of the E-Mail. 2017 is a special year for Apple ten years after the first iPhone. Patterns in the presentation and Release, which were in the last few years, as a rule, could be abolished this year.

Another possibility, which will be discussed by the Twitter users, that the pre-orders for the iPhone 8 already from the age of 15. September made a week, and the Release later, on 22. September could follow. The date for the Keynote would be possibly the Tuesday before, so the 12. September.

Another attentive reader of the leaked E-Mail has discovered a spelling error in the Text, and interprets this as a reference to a possible forgery. In the meantime, we are left with nothing but to wait and see.

Excerpt from the Apple-internal Mail

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