Samsung Galaxy S8: data – and App-set the security properly connect

The Galaxy S8 models come with a “Safe folder” is a protected area for data and Apps. And that’s how it works.

Daten- und Appsicherheit

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Galaxy S8: data and apps security

Samsung is one of the pioneers in the field of data security on Smartphones. For several device generations, the “Private mode,” a special area, in the you move sensitive files by password can save. Only if this area is unlocked, the files are visible again. So Private life is actually private.

Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+ (Test) now have to offer with the function “Safe folder”. A “safe folder” is a unauthorized access to a protected surface, not only with files of any type, but also – and this is the New – with Apps, contacts and even e-Mail Accounts, equip.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ tip: Smart Lock use

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Safety and convenient operation: you can use the function of Smart Lock on the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

During commissioning, the user is asked whether he is safe
The area up. This you can do,but also for later on,
by under “settings/device security/Secure folder”
The latter can easily be activated. A corresponding Icon for the feature
in the quick launch bar. Here, Secure folder can be “”
easily turn on and off. A PIN protection is mandatory
and can be combined with the finger print sensor or Iris Scanner

Reading tip: Galaxy S8 – So comfortable, the safety features

A toolbar of the users of Apps and files, you can add the “Secure folder”. The latter can be photos, Videos, music, documents or various files. In this case, the Smartphone asks if you want to move or copy the data, Apps will be copied in principle. A “safe folder” is a great Feature to protect data.

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