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With some delay, Samsung will now start the speech recognition for the digital assistant Bixby on the Galaxy S8 in the English language. What does this mean for the planned launch in Germany?

Samsung Galaxy S8

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Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Bixby, the personal assistant on the Samsung Galaxy S8, finally receives its main Feature: the voice recognition. For the Moment, but only in the US. While Samsung had announced from the outset that Bixby’s Voice in Germany is only added later, should the functioning of voice recognition in Korean and English, actually, to the Release of the Galaxy S8.

But here, too, there was a delay. In Korea, Bixby Voice, launched in may, only now the function is activated also in the USA, as ZDNet reported. Accordingly, records for the Bixbys fully functional in the English language were not yet sufficiently available. Bixby will not be able to perform only a few, predefined commands, but also the normal understanding of speech flow and in the case of incomplete commands to the missing information. In addition, you should be able to compatible Apps almost exclusively via voice commands.

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The corresponding data were not at the Release of the Galaxy S8 yet, so that Bixby was only launched with limited functionality, and without voice recognition. A beta test in June in the US, the necessary information has been collected, so that Bixby Voice can go, in the English language now. Users in the US can download the appropriate Updates from the Galaxy App Store. After that, you can activate the voice recognition and the Bixby Button on the side of the device.

When will Bixby Voice in Germany?

What that means for the German Version of the voice assistant? Initially, Samsung announced that Bixby Voice in Germany would start in the fourth quarter of 2017, without mentioning an exact date. The Support page, which at the time the plan was announced, no longer is accessible, so that this statement may be valid. On the other hand, the beta test in the USA has shown that, apparently, a few weeks are sufficient, to the set of data required to build. Thus, the Launch in the fourth quarter is still possible. Maybe we can see soon a similar beta test for Bixby Voice in Germany.

Bixby in the Hands-On

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Example applications in a Hands-On Video: Samsung introduces its voice assistant Bixby.

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